Journey to my life of health and wellness

Journey to my life of health and wellness

When you begin to tell your story, does everyone wonder… how does my journey to health and wellness start? Is the meaning deeply entrenched in your childhood, or is it really about the journey?

What I have recently come to understand is that it is all about the journey.

Of course my childhood has framed who I am today. And yet true happiness and wellness is actually found in really living in the journey. Taking each moment in, not getting caught up in our to do lists, or the corner office. So if I was to be true and tell you where my wellness journey started, it wasn’t my childhood, my 20’s or even my 30’s. It was shortly after my 41st birthday.

As I got older one thing that came was an acceptance of change, but not always in a good way. Instead of “accepting things we can not change”, I actually accepted things I was not prepared to change. Inevitably that meant I end up having to accept the consequences, both good and bad. I’m sure you know what I mean, those things we push off or stop because it was “too hard”, “too complicated” or quite frankly we were too lazy.

Just after my birthday I found myself tired, and when I say tired I mean every moment of every day. I could sleep all day and wake up, well… exhausted. I made jokes to about being over the hill, no longer being in my 20s or 30s. In fact when I shared my feeling many people shared in that joke with me. But then it got worse. After months, I finally decided maybe I needed a check-up, so off to the doctor I went.

A few weeks later I got the results… I was normal.

My results all fell in normal levels, there was nothing wrong. Time had come to accept that I was getting older. This made me feel mildly better for a few days, but since nothing had changed, nothing changed.

After a few months of trying to cope with my new found old body and tiredness, I found that I now had problems eating. While I was a pretty healthy eater, it didn’t matter what I ate incredible pain followed. So back to the doctor for more tests poking and prodding, and finally he found a problem. I had hemangioma in my liver, nothing to worry about he said. “Lets put you on a liquid diet, you should look at your eating here is the food guide and we will follow up in 6 months”.

Second check up things got worse, much worse. I now had high cholesterol and fatty liver disease, something I didn’t even know you could get without a drinking problem.

Now only a year after my “normal” results I felt like I was falling apart and had no idea what to do. I tried sharing this with my doctor but found he was unable or unwilling to invest time in helping me to understand what was happening.

Jumping forward to today, only 8 months later I have been in great health for months.

I feel better than  I have at any time I can remember. I have taken charge of my own knowledge, my own health, my own wellness.

This is what has brought me to a blog, my goal is to share my story and journey with others. Do what I can to help you in your journey. I hope I will inspire you to take charge for yourself. Empowering you with the tools and partners that have taken me to my own personal life of wellness.

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