A healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle
When you choose the goal to live a healthier lifestyle, you are inevitably entering a complex world to navigate. There are so many conflicting ideas, profit focused marketing, opinions and beliefs. This often leads to confusion, fear and failure. How then do you navigate all the information and know what will work for you? What information is based on fact and what information is there to mislead you and drive profits? And which products are safe from chemicals, toxins or even bad ingredients masked as healthy?

In my journey to health and wellness

I was faced with this exact struggle and felt alone and powerless. While I was fortunate to receive great love from my family and friends, what I found most daunting was finding that they too had a similar health story. I realized we were all really wading in an ocean with a small buoy but it was leaking. I bet you’re wondering what is the answer? How did I turn it all around. The answer is more simple than you think, I simply found the right coach. This person helped me navigate the information and choose the right options for me. This journey rebuilt my trust and confidence. The best part was I was the driver of my journey. I had now empowered myself with the knowledge I needed to make my own choices. The knowledge I needed to understand my body and how to protect it so it could be healthy. It has now become my life passion to help others to not feel like their are drowning. To built your own boat and be the one setting the course. To be your own GPS.

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