How to see the change in yourself


Have you ever seen a picture of yourself and thought “that can’t be me?”

I have spent a great deal of time wondering lately what influences our self image, and why is it so hard to see what others see. It’s like being at a festival standing in front of one of those distortion mirrors.

A few months ago on a family vacation, I was moving pictures around on my computer to fit more. That was when I saw two pictures of myself side by side. While my brain knew that the pictures were real, I didn’t believe it. I felt like I had a mask on. After looking back and forth for a few minutes I asked my family if they saw what I saw in the pictures, as if I couldn’t believe it so I needed those I trusted to tell me the truth.

When you finally see the truth

Shortly after we returned home from vacation I went looking for the proof of my journey. I knew that I felt it on the inside, it had just never translated to how I saw myself in the mirror. Now carry these pictures with me, they have become my personal reminder that I haven’t just changed how I feel about myself, the quality of my health, or how I look on the outside. I have removed the judgmental filters I used to look through.

How to change the way you see yourself

It takes work to remove our self image and judgment, and it includes faith, trust and self care! If you are looking for someone to help you on your own journey of wellness. I’d love to help you navigate your path to a life of wellness and gratitude.

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