Following a dream can be a bumpy road

Following a dream can be a bumpy road
On the pursuit of a dream there will always be twists and turns on the road, they are there to test us and challenge our determination. To stay focused you must have determination and a plan.

Planning for your dream to come true

1. Envision your dream
This can be the most difficult part because we tend to over complicate things. So why not start with the easy stuff. Start by collecting ideas that make you feel enthusiastic and excited. Keep your dream journal handy so you can add to it as thoughts come up. Close your eyes and envision how reaching your dream will feel, what will be around you, how will you know you’ve met your goal.
2. Clarify your goals
It is easy to put a dream in our path and then start pecking away at all the ways it won’t work. Don’t let this get in your way. Remember this is going to be work and it will take your full determination and commitment! So take the time to really clarify what you want. It’s important to be specific and write it down, this will help you along the way to refocus. As you start your journey you may find you will go back and re-clarify as you are introduced to new things and new ideas. Be open to this while maintaining focus, it’s easy to get derailed and end up in a place you didn’t plan. So when this happens go back to your original goal, does this change enhance your journey? Does it change the destination? Is that what you want?
3. Let go of fear
So often we are the hurdle between ourselves and success. We blame time, money or things out of our control as what is in our way. When it fact it is our fear speaking. This will likely be something we face everyday so remember practice makes perfect. When you feel a fear, acknowledge it, then go back to your original plan and remember this is what you want. To make it happen we can’t let anything get in our way, most importantly our fear. So let it go, and choose to work on whats in your control to change. Don’t have time? Re-evaluate how you are using your time. By re-framing how we look at the hurdle we can find ways to remove it, walk around it or jump over it.
4. Make a plan
Set out the steps you need to take, prioritize them and take action. Your steps don’t have to be all inclusive, remember to make this a working document, something you can tweak and adjust daily. The important part is to start working your plan and do at least 1 thing every day towards your goal.
5. Be kind to yourself
It’s going to be easy to get off track, get distracted or loose focus. So when it happens don’t beat yourself up. Acknowledge it, look at how it happened and what you an do to prevent it from happening again. Set some guardrails for yourself of how you want to handle it next time.
6. Take time to reflect
Plan in time to stop and look around so you can review where you are on your journey and reflect on how you got there. What worked, what didn’t and how can you apply the learning to your plan. Make changes as needed.
7. Be Inspired
A true dreamer said… “All our dreams can come true , if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney. Take the time to be encouraged by the success of others. Ask questions to find out what made them successful. How can you apply this to your goal?
8. Never give up
When something doesn’t go as planned or you have a set back, learn from it. Everything happens for a reason, so instead of it letting you get stuck, use it as an opportunity to learn, get stronger, plan smarter.
9. Find and celebrate the small wins along the way
It’s human nature to be invigorated when we reach a metric. So use this to your advantage, celebrate  every success! Especially the little ones. This will keep your energy high,  keep you feeling good along the way, and most importantly help with momentum in those tough times.
10. Stick to your values
There will be lots of decisions a long the way, they all matter so keep your values and goal in mind. Measure the choices against your values, how they will impact your ability to reach your goals and follow your gut.
11. Believe in and care for yourself!
You are going to stumble and worry, so have a plan on how you will revitalize yourself. This can be as simple as a good cup of tea, a yoga class. When you need to get back your focus how will you refresh your vision of your goal. What will you do when things get tough to work through it? Can you focus on a small part of your goal giving yourself time to solve the bigger stuff when you are ready.
12. You aren’t alone
No one in history has reached their goals alone. It’s time to build your tribe. We are greatly influenced by the 5 people we spend the most time with. Who will keep you focused on the positive? What inspires you to be your best? Who makes you forget it all and just breathe?
Have you considered a coach?
Coaching is a unique opportunity, through a series of one on one confidential sessions, for you to reach your goals. Session are there to provide the space for you to focus and move forward on your personal, professional or organizational goals through the exploration of ideas and candid dialogue with an unbiased thinking partner. You can expect a collaborative, solution focused, results-orientated systematic process in which the Coach facilitates the enhancement of improved wellness, work performance, self-directed learning and personal growth. For more information on how coaching an help, contact me to set up a free consultation.

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