Falling back on your old habits won’t open new doors

Falling back on your old habits won't open new doors

It’s so easy to fall back into old habits

We get so used to doing things a certain way, our alarm goes off and what happens after is pretty set in habits. And like most things they take laser focus to change. I have found this the most true with food. All it can take is a behavior that is tied to your old habits, a feeling, a commercial or even a smell to make you want something you’ve chosen already to stop. Before you know it you are halfway through that bag of chips. Inevitably you look back and feel feelings of failure or anger at yourself. I’ve recently realized this holds no value. It doesn’t help me accomplish change, in fact it usually ends with being so upset you eat the other half of the bag.

So I’ve chosen to look a little differently. It’s time to as I love to say… Get Curious Not Furious.

What were the indicators along the way? How can I set myself up for success next time. So lets look back… after a nice dinner for date night and a couple of cocktails, it’s time to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie. Very quickly I found myself craving chips. Of course after having a few cocktails, I needed help, so I asked my son to the store to get a small bag. He asked what I wanted and it took a while I was already thinking which wouldn’t be so bad. I gave him a couple options and off he went. Moments later he calls from the store and they only have bit bags of the type I chose. Hmm I guess I’ll be ok. When he gets home he offers to get a small bowl “since I only wanted a small bag”. I of course say that’s ok I’ll just eat a little. 30 minuses later I’ve eaten half the bag, my belly is like an alien movie and I feel like an idiot. I don’t sleep well and my digestion is all out of wack.

Let’s take a closer look

The first thing was to recognize I wasn’t hungry, I had just had a nice meal out and made great choices. I did however have a lower decision quality thanks to the caesars with dinner. So easily a trigger for me. Second recognizing I had a struggle to decide, but why… I already knew I didn’t want them. To add to that, I also knew I needed a small bag as I know I’d just eat them blindly. However when faced with the large bag option I could have opted for what they did have in a small bag or choose to say no. The best one is I didn’t listen to my son showing his love for me. Here is my son¬†offering to help portion control the bag, such a missed opportunity. I still would have felt tired and a bit sick from the chips but it certainly wouldn’t have lasted until morning.

Moving forward with new habits

I have found that the best way is to look at them head on. Most importantly be honest with yourself. If you really want this change you have to fight for it. So for me, having a few cocktails and watching a movie after is an old behavior. With that comes the junk food. How will I not fall in that habit next time? Dinner and a movie with my hubby is something I love, we get to take some time out for just us over dinner, and who doesn’t love a cuddle up movie night. So how do I protect myself from the junk food? It’s really quite simple. I just have to be ready. Before our next date night I need to find that munchy that I do want to eat and have it at the ready. The second part of the new habit is to share with those around me that I actually don’t want the chips. This will help empower them to say no to getting them for me. And the most important… listen to myself. When I struggled making the decision the right one was right there all along. I’ve chosen a new habit it’s okay to stop in the middle of falling back on old ways and choose to take the new way.

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