Finding the right decision in a sea of choice

Finding the right decision in a sea of choice

Have you ever noticed that when you choose to make a change several choices come your way?

I believe when we open ourselves up to change, are truthful with our self about our values and goals you will inevitably attract the right choice. There is nothing more true for me right now.

So how do you pick the choice that is the best fit?

Be true to yourself!
The first step is letting go of our attachments to the opinion and approval of others. This is different from hearing people out, the difference is how you allow their words to affect your decision. When you feel someone leading you or your opinion has changed after speaking to them. Ask yourself one simple question… why?
Know your values and goals inside out! 
When you truly know what you want it’s easier to stay on your own path. You’ll be more prepared when possible detours arrive on how to handle them.
Continue to be open!
Sometimes while searching for what we want it presents itself at the very last moment. So remember to be present and mindful. It is so important to take the time to see what’s going on around you and look at all options with the least amount of emotions you can. I find meditating on it can really be a powerful way to clear my mind of worry, fear and judgment and see the answer more clearly.
Once you make a choice stay true to your values!
The person you are responsible to answer to is you and you alone. Others may not agree with your choice or worse make you feel bad for making it. When this happens remember why you made it begin with. Reconnect to your values and remove theirs. By sticking to these few steps I have freed myself to make the best choice for me. I’ve empowered myself to stay true to my values. I’m open to others and the energies that come my way, while strong enough to protect myself from the negative energies. Do you have a choice you need help with? Coaching sessions are available by phone, Skype or in person. Click here to book a coaching session. Sessions are available for 60 to 90 minutes and can take place right in the comfort of your own home.

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