Facing your fears and ghosts

Facing your fears and ghosts

When we allow our fears to be our guides we are setting up our own limits

I feel that on the day of scary and spooky costumes it is time to talk about how fears can really define us, how we interact, and especially what changes we take. Through my journey to wellness I have had a significant amount of fears surface, ones I never expected and some were likes ghosts I had seen before.

Have you heard the phrase “False Evidence Appearing Real”? It is so true that when you truly look at your fear, most of what you fear has no evidence backing it’s existence. Most of what we attach to our fear is made up to protect us from facing it. Using my journey as the example, if I step into the journey towards being healthy, what if I fail again? Maybe what works for others won’t work for me, maybe this new expert will actually have no more benefit than the last one.

It is so easy to getting onto the roller coaster of fear. So I thought today I would share how I got off it!

1. Acknowledge the fear without letting it be the only voice

Invite fear into into your thoughts, but be curious. Why are you here? What has this ghost of an old fear come to teach you today? What has happened before that is warning me of what could happen? Move towards your fear, look deeply at it. Feel it and breathe.

2. Re-frame to the positive

Look past your fear to what it will feel like without it? How will you feel, what will be happening around you? Look at the future without and connect with it.

3. Invest your energy in the positive

Hold yourself accountable to being connected to how it will feel to overcome your fear! Be ready for what hurdles or set backs may come your way and be focused on positive solutions.

4. Celebrate small steps forward

Every small step you make towards conquering your fear is important! Don’t pass up an opportunity to celebrate what you’ve already done and take a moment to be mindful of each success. This not only helps to solidify your desire to move past it, more importantly it gives you small wins to look back on when you need a boost.

5. Revisit your successes

Take time to reflect on the success you’ve made, the gifts you have given yourself. Strengthen your belief in yourself being mindful of our true self. Allow these moments to be the strength you use to carry on!

6. Celebrate the success of others

Use the success stories of others as your inspiration. Take time to read about others facing the same fear, or facing their own. Read about people who have struggled and made it happen anyway. Help others around you celebrate their wins no matter how big or small they may be. This will help you being comfortable celebrating your own and keep your positive energy high that you too can reach your goals

7. Share with your family and friends

Your family and friends are your most valuable resource. Tell them what you are doing and don’t hesitate to ask them to help you along the way. Especially when you may have forgotten your small wins, or how passionate you are when you speak about your goals.

8. Surround yourself with the right people

Robert Fulghum said in his book,  All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten: “When you go out into the world, it is best to hold hands and stick together.” Remember who you surround yourself with will affect your energy. Make sure you keep positive supportive people around you! It will both prevent negativity from creeping in while also encouraging positive ways to work through any hurdles you come across.

9. Be honest with your goals

You are a powerful complex being, so own your gifts and power and dream big!!!

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