Hitting rock bottom was the best gift of all

Life of Wellness - Hitting rock bottom was the best gift of all

We’ve all had that moment when we realize we didn’t know what we thought we knew, when hitting rock bottom becomes reality. This couldn’t be more true than what happened for me. I had been on every diet and tried every fad. I had beaten myself up, lifted myself up and fallen back down.

When I finally got really sick it came at a time I would have expected the least. I was eating better than I had in years. I would have organic oatmeal for breakfast with fresh fruits, a jar salad for lunch and a balance dinner. So how then did my body literally start shutting down?

Hitting rock bottom

What was I to do when no one can tell me what I was doing wrong. We are all taught the food pyramid, and I certainly had a brain full of information I had learned from every diet program I paid for. I read everything I could get my hands on, watched webinars, documentaries and asked everyone I know.

Then I tried it all but nothing was working? I felt hopeless! The worse I felt emotionally the worse I felt physically. I can’t tell you how much crying I did, depression set in to the point that I couldn’t get out of bed.

This was my true low. Even though I have a great marriage and wonderful kids, I had lost the joy of all the amazing things in my life.

Finding answers

Recently watching a documentary I heard Pamela A Popper say “Everybody wants to hear good news about their bad habits”. This really connected with me. This is where I was, I was “doing the right things” and it wasn’t working. I just wanted someone to tell me I hadn’t screwed up. With all these scary test results and new illnesses popping up I was so scared to hear it was my fault. That all this pain I was going through was my doing. I just wanted someone or something else to be at fault. At least then I could blame something or someone for how I felt.

What I really didn’t know that being stuck in needing to understanding the past, judge it and find accountability all I was doing was holding myself back.

Taking control

There is someone amazing that happens at your true bottom, when you have really given up and realize that you can not come out of the depths of your despair alone. Vulnerability changes from something you protect and hide to the reality of who you are. Sharing your fears authentically becomes your only way to communicate.

It is here you really connect with yourself. Where you can truly let go of your pain and begin to see it as a gift. This is where the magic really begins.

Achieving wellness and freedom

So many people ask me what I did to get healthy, and yes there are some important steps that made it happen. What I really want to share with you is how it feels to be free. Free of illness, judgement and fear. How it feels to make decisions with my self care as the first filter. To know that I can and will make mistakes, and the gift of learning I will gain from them.

Working together

My goal is to help others reach the feeling of wellness and freedom. As your partner I will guide and inspire you through coaching and mindfulness to achieve a balanced life of mind, body and spirit. Together we will identify and remove the hurdles, putting you back in the driver seat of living your unique life of wellness.

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