Why I stopped eating processed foods

processed vs healthy

It can be really hard to resist the processed chips and pop, especially when they have such highly addictive additives that makes it harder the more you eat them. Once I understood how they affected my body and mind it made it much easier to make choices that were rich in quality and health. Here is some information that really helped me change my habits.

Ever felt like you just couldn’t resist?

This isn’t surprising! Our bodies process whole foods very differently than those refined, processed and heavy modified foods. The difference is in the pleasure neurotransmitter which makes you crave them constantly. This is because processed foods tend to overstimulate the production of dopamine. The result… they are almost impossible to resist. The problem, the more you eat the more you want, and the more you want the more you eat.

Understanding whats added

Have you ever read the ingredients in those processed foods? Most of the time they are filled with all these big words right. It takes a lot of research to really find out what they are. Overall… they contain a lot of phosphates that help to provide taste, texture and prolong shelf-life. The problem is that they also cause known health problems like weak bones, kidney deterioration and rapid aging.

What about the cost?

It’s a common misconception that health food is more expensive, but it just isn’t true! According to a recent study by Rodale, making it yourself can be significantly cheaper than the chemical filled processed version. Over the past year my own personal shopping of removing processed and buying fresh hasn’t cost me any more. I eat all my favorite foods, I just make them myself. Between pickling, canning and freezing I have what I want and the best part is I am not sacrificing the benefits of the ingredients with chemicals and additives.

Protection from chronic illness

Refined sugars, processed flours, bad oils and other nasty additives cause many chronic illnesses. More and more studies the illness cycle. Each time I feel a craving for one of these foods I think about the fact that I am saving myself the pain and illness by making a healthy option. I’m trading heart disease, dementia, respiratory failure, cancer, inflammation and neurological problems by eating tasty healthy snacks and foods.

Getting the value of what passes through your lips

We are often tricked by marketing and advertising to believe that the foods we eat are rich with enzymes, vitamins, fibers and nutrients. The truth is the processing not only strips the foods of their natural benefits. To make it even worse the chemicals and additives ruin our digestive system. So not only are we not gaining the benefits of the nutrients our body isn’t able to digest what we are eating causing chronic illness and weight gain. The more we eat the harder our body has to work, most often your body can’t remove the toxins and they end up in our vital organs which we begin to feel as aches and exhaustion and end up with long term damage.

The power of the mind

How many times do you hear someone say they are stressed out or burned out? We deal with so much stress each day and our ability to face them takes a strong mind. A recent study at Oxford University tells us that junk food consumption can cause people to be angry and irritable. We will be forgetful, have trouble thinking clearly and concentrating. Our ability to face this stress with intent and choices is based on the health of our mind. Nutrient filled whole foods help level out your mood, sustain your energy levels, and leave you feeling calmer and more collected.

They are called vital for a reason

Protecting our vital organs and giving them the nutrients they need to be healthy. This is why Genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) are so dangerous. They have been linked to infertility, organ damage, gastrointestinal disorders, and cancer. Excess consumption of these poisons promotes weight gain, acidifies your blood, and can even permanently alter the composition and function of your intestines. By choosing non-GMO choices you are protecting your body for toxins it just isn’t capable of processing.

So the next time you have a craving take a moment to close your eyes and imagine. How will you feel knowing you are giving your body the strength and nutrients it needs to serve you. To give you the energy to be present in your life. The strength to face choices with intent. The benefits to protect your long term health and wellness.

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