Options for days that you need a boost

Options for days that you need a boost
I’ll be honest, I get down sometimes and need a boost. It happens to all of us, you’re just having a bad day… or even a bad week. Sometimes you know why and sometimes it just feels like things aren’t connecting. What really matters is how we react, how we allow it to sink in and get it’s grips on us or not. I find it is easiest to handle when I first feel it coming on, after that the negative ring of thoughts kick in. Once this happens it’s like we are sitting across the room watching our mind take over. To pull out of it seems to take much more effort and strength, it feels impossible, that it will never end. I find it good to have some mindful ways to pull myself out, by having this list it gives me something else to focus on. I just have to pick one, the rest happens naturally. If one doesn’t work… just keep working down your list.

My need a boost to do list

Not ready to face the world?

  1. Take a soothing soak in the tub. I add in some citrus essential oils and a little peppermint. This helps me both to breathe in a little extra oxygen and the citrus helps to boost my mood.
  2. Listen to music you connect to. This can be something that I can dance to, a song that has memories attached or even something to help me get out a good cry. Nothing like a good cry to release the negative energy.
  3. Be good to yourself, give yourself the fuel you need by eating foods full of nutrients. Do some baking, or make a recipe that takes care and time. Nothing like making some homemade dark chocolate to really hit the spot.
  4. Watch a funny movie, sometimes all we need is a laugh so hard we cry.
  5. Get some exercise. Do a little at home yoga, not sure what to do? Open up the internet and ask YouTube.
  6. Dive into a good book. I just love getting caught up in a good story, the words the emotions don’t leave room for your mind to worry. It can be anything, a good romance or something to motivate you.
  7. Write your own story and take out a journal. Remember to do it your way, it could be a crafting project, your favorite sayings. Pictures of your favorite places.
  8. Turn off the negative. The world will go on if you don’t watch the news or open Facebook. If it brings you down put it down.
  9. Be mindful and do a little guided meditation.

Now lets get out there

  1. Go for a walk, a hike or even sit in your favorite place in nature. Breathe in some fresh air and just notice nature. No need to think about anything at all, when you notice your thoughts just gently acknowledge them and go back to your breath and the beauty around you. There is nothing like some endorphin’s to boost your energy.
  2. Time with friends and family. Pick this person wisely, not someone who will wallow with you. That person who makes you laugh, who will tell you the truth when you need to hear it.
  3. Offer your time to others through volunteering. There is nothing that helps you gain perspective more than seeing a need in others and doing something about it.
  4. Get some exercise, pick whatever you want. It could be a calming yoga flow or a run.
  5. Take a class. Try cooking something new, learning a new language, scrap booking or a book club.
  6. Spend time with babies and puppies. Bring back your innocence with a little pure joy.
Above all be gentle. It’s okay to to be vulnerable, to ask for help if you need it.

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