Using Tapas to create self discipline that includes ahimsa

Tapas is my homework this week

Last week diving into Santosha begged me to ask one question. What do you do when you begin to believe in yourself?

This week I found the answer to last week’s question. Self-discipline has always sounded like a dirty word. I mean let’s face it, it doesn’t sound like fun at all. But what if I told you that you can apply it without adding guilt and judgment?

Watch the video to hear how I did.

Continue to follow my journey… Next up Svadhyaya

Want to learn more about Tapas?

In the Vedas literature of Hinduism, fusion words based on tapas are widely used to expound several spiritual concepts that develop through heat or inner energy, such as meditation, any process to reach special observations and insights, the spiritual ecstasy of a yogin or Tāpasa. Wikipedia

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