3 Proven Ways to Make Your Dreams Come True

Have you ever wondered why some people are so good at making their dreams come true? Or even been frustrated at how easy they make it look? This used to be me, I would look at others with a sense of curiosity and a little bit of envy. They just seemed to have gotten a memo I had missed.

And then one day it all changed! For me this began when I got sick, well to be honest it was shortly after my initial pity party. Now, many years later I can look back and recognize the differences between how I approached my dreams and how those I used to envy approached theirs.

3 Easy Steps to Making Your Dreams Come True

#1 Get REAL Clear on your dream

Sounds easy right? Well actually it’s really the hardest step. What I see in my clients and my own personal experience every day is how easy it is to label what we don’t want. We’ve all been there, we know we don’t like our job, or our relationship, what we don’t want for dinner. But ask yourself, what do you really want… and well it gets more complicated. And the hardest question for me… What’s my life’s purpose?

This clarity is incredibly important, think of it as taking a trip. You need to know where you want to go in order to actually get there. Not sure how to get this clarity? Find out more about Coaching in our post “Let’s talk about what a Coach is, and what it isn’t”.

#2 Visualize yourself accomplishing your dreams

Now that you know what you want, connect to how it will feel, what will be different and why this matters to you. Remember those people who seemed to get a memo I missed? Well the difference was simply, they knew what they wanted and they know WHY they wanted. This was actually the part I was missing all along.

To gain this important ingredient try using a process called “the 5 whys”. To begin ask yourself this question “how will my life be different if I reach _____insert your dream_____”. Second ask “Why does this matter to me?” Once you’ve answered, ask why. And why again, and so on. Keep going until you’ve asked and answered 5 times. You can continue until you feel you’ve round your root reason for wanting your dream.

#3 Research, Plan and Make it happen

Before you say it… Yes I know that is 3 things. What you’ll find out is that this is the super easy part. We do this every day already, whether it’s a project at work or planning your food for the week, grocery shopping and making dinner this is something we are very skilled at. So I ask that you trust me… spend some time with step one and step two and you’ll find that they actual “making your dreams come true” part really is just this easy!

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