Bold and Unapologetic Integrity and Authenticity

Bold and Unapologetic Integrity and Authenticity
I have been reflecting a lot of integrity and authenticity.  It seems to be something that is all around us these days and not in a good way. More and more it seems that we have a lack in these areas. Why does this matter? Okay, I’m going to be a bit blunt here. I think it is making it easier and easier for those without it to thrive. We all have our own tolerance for our authenticity. Try a little experiment, call 5 people you know and ask them how they are. Take a quick note of their response, and then… when they say “I’m… how are you?” notice your response. For me, the realization of how little I say how I really feel left me with sadness. It didn’t seem to matter if it was someone I knew well or someone I knew only a little. The answer would shoot out of my mouth, “I’m good”. The sad truth is that most of the time we don’t share ourselves authentically. Whether we fear vulnerability, admitting that we struggle and sometimes are flat out not okay. Maybe we once did share authentically and faced that inevitable look of discomfort come over the eyes facing you. It only takes once to reinforce that we don’t want to make that mistake again. Whatever our reasons, we all do it.

Living an authentic life

When I got sick I had a lot of things to face and how much I hid behind working hard and being the person everyone could come to. So how can I break the pattern? The answer is more simple than you think. I face it, head on! Okay, I agree that isn’t as simple as I’m making it seem. It’s hard, it means showing up, being completely vulnerable. It requires being real no matter what, owning it completely.  So yes that is a challenge, but it is also the key to my freedom. The key to living my life boldly and unapologetically living an authentic life of integrity. In a current training I’m enrolled in with Landmark Worldwide we are diving in deeply into this exact topic and I can’t help but feel it is an opportunity for me to understand what is happening in the world and recognize what it means to me. As part of this work, I have awakened to something bigger than myself. So how does my experience connect with the world as we know it today? What woke me up is a complete realization of how easy it is to fall into inauthenticity and how the only way out is self-awareness, asking for help and regaining my integrity through authentic communication.

I need your help

So what am I suggesting? I’m suggesting that those of us who value integrity and authenticity show it more boldly. That we use any opportunity to allow ourselves to be seen. For us to stand up to the lack around us, share our experiences, speak up regardless of our fears and allow it to be seen. I know that sounds scary, even controversial and BOLD. In our inaction, we risk losing these traits in our communities for good.  So I say it’s time we tip the scales!

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