Is Intuition the highest form of intelligence?

Is Intuition the highest form of intelligence?
In the world today we have more access to information than any other time.  Day after day we are bombarded with marketing, memes, and entertainment telling us how to live a happier life. And yet we seeing the highest rates of unhappiness and stress recorded in modern history.  There are more people today facing stress-related illnesses than ever before. In general, we are suffering more and more and yet still searching for the “answers”.

What if having all this information isn’t the answer?

Have you noticed that the more information we have available is increasing at about the same rate as suffering? This is something that has been stirring around in my mind for years. In a recent post, I talked about how Franklin and Covey made us productive and I believe it all started in these moments. So let’s get curious, what happened before all this information was readily available at our fingertips? Okay so let’s say you needed to know something and you didn’t have internet, a cell phone or google to find the answers?  For some of us, this is a hard thing to imagine. I recently noticed a Facebook post from a friend who said she had just got her internet back after a week and a half without it and it was “the hardest time of her life”. We have become so incredibly reliant on the answers being available! Okay so now, let’s look at how all this information has helped us. Are the people in your life happier? Do you feel less stress than you did 10 years ago? Have you fixed all the things you don’t like about your life? Are you in perfect health? If you are like me the answers are a big NO!

What if the answer is not having the answer?

Okay, I know this sounds counter-intuitive but bear with me for a moment. What would you do if you couldn’t look up the answer? If you couldn’t call someone and ask for help? Chances are you would begin to look to your intuition, your inner wisdom to find the answer. What is interesting is that the more we ignore our intuition the quieter it gets. It isn’t lost, we have simply stopped listening to it. And often even when it is there we don’t recognize it’s voice anymore. Our frustration begins to settle in and impatience begin to take over. Then before we know it we are in the weeds of emotions, doubts, anxiety, insecurities, and disease.

Listening for the answer

Yesterday I shared a social media post that I was having “one of those days” and how my day began to turn around. It got me thinking, I knew I was having a down day, and wanted to turn it around. What I noticed loud and clear was that I kept looking for answers that were outside myself. It was actually a student in one of my classes that broke it open for me. I was teaching a yoga class and had decided to get on my mat and listen to what was needed and share that with the class. I don’t really remember making a conscious choice, but after checking in with the students and hearing about their day I just beginning to teach. Again I don’t remember thinking this consciously, but something in me knew what we all needed. During the class, I began to feel better and I noticed my students all internally focused on their own mats. Then this remarkable thing happened after class, one of the students came up to thank me and said: “I felt like you were giving me a hug”. Over the next couple of hours, I took some time to reflect on the experience. Instead of my go-to “figure out what I did” I simply listened, and what was there wasn’t something I read in a book or learned in a class. It was my inner wisdom knowing that I had shared what I needed with others and they needed it too.

Reconnecting to our intuition

I a calling for a change in myself and inviting you to join me. What if we all stopped thinking that we need more knowledge? If we stopped trying to find the answers outside of ourselves? What if we began to listen to our intuition and trusted ourselves that we already know everything we need to know? The first step would be reconnecting to that voice! It would require some work on our part to listen for it. We would need to give ourselves permission to believe what we learned in the Wizard of Oz. We’ve had it with us all along. And now here are a few other tips for reconnecting to your inner wisdom, your intuition. Enjoy this short meditation to help you connect.

Although what came forward may be unclear at this moment, just allow it to be what it is and what it isn’t. Take some time to make some notes or journal it so you can reflect back on it. You may want to take note of the questions and answers that came forward for you. Often we are unpacking something that is multi-faceted or complex and it may time some time which can cause frustration and impatience. Just notice these thoughts and believe in yourself. That the answers are all within you already.

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