Awaken your inner strength today

Awaken your inner strength today

If you follow me on social media you may have noticed me say “Awaken Your Inner Strength”. This is something that has great meaning for me, and today I wanted to share this with you. Deep within all of us is a sacred space. A place where our true self lives. The place where our strength and love comes from. And in struggle and throughout our lives, it is a place we forget is there.

Think back to being a kid. Do you remember playing without fear? Believing you can do anything? Or how you saw a tree as climbable? Then ultimately this faith in ourselves fades. Each time we see we have failed we ultimately create beliefs that protect us from failure again. Over and over again we limit ourselves with beliefs that we are not good enough. We forget that these beliefs were chosen by a child.

For me, at five, I said that I needed to control my surroundings or I’d be hurt. At twelve, I created that I’m not lovable, and people ultimately leave. There are many more moments but what’s important is that I have spent a lifetime believing them. Therefore, I’ve lived 30-40 years limited by the words of a five and twelve-year-old.

Busting up limiting beliefs

Releasing these beliefs has not been easy, and it has been the most rewarding moment I have ever faced. It seemed insurmountable at first. I’ve literally believed these as facts for almost my whole life! Through my life, I have found tons of “proof” that these beliefs are true. That’s the thing about being a human, we can make anything mean anything. So how did I bust up my beliefs?

Acknowledge that the belief is false

This was a hard step for me. How do you stop believing something after so long? I started by looking at when I made the belief. I looked at what actually happened and what was my making meaning. Most importantly, I recognized that the belief was made by me as a child. What did I really know at five or twelve? It is with the wisdom and experience I have today that I am able to see my response at that age as just that, a reaction.


What I noticed most in my way of being with these beliefs is that I never questioned them. So when something new would happen I would apply these beliefs without question. Let’s look at my second belief, I’m not lovable and people will leave. This belief was created for me when my grandfather left our family. I created this belief as though he had left me alone. I didn’t allow any space for there any other reasons. When I saw the pain in my family I immediately knew it must be me. I must be the cause. I didn’t see that I was also hurting.

Throughout my life, I continued to believe that I was not lovable regardless of any clear signs to the contrary. Even after my grandfather returned and I heard his reasons for leaving I still believed. No matter what he said, I was stuck in my belief.

What set me free is curiosity. When I started looking at the belief a twelve-year-old had with curiosity I was able to see that there were many other choices I could have made. I started to look for what the evidence said. I began looking through my past for signs of lovable. And what shocked me was it was everywhere. It was in my childhood friendships, my relationships, my marriage, and especially in my relationship with my grandfather. What made him leave really impacted me, and it also had nothing to do with me. Prior to him leaving I was grampa’s little girl. We hung out constantly, and I can now see that all we did together was created in love.

Awakening my inner strength

What was left, was connecting to the real me. To see that I was lovable all along. To reconnect to my inner love of me. This is where true transformation happened. This part of me has been waiting to be acknowledged.

The word strength has many meanings, one that stood out for me is power by reason or influence, and mental power, force, and vigor. It was here that I was able to begin to see the truth.

The change has been incredible! I am able to recognize how fiercely my husband loves me. To see how each and every day he does little and big things to show me how much he loves me.

I am able to see lovable through my true friends. The ones that always have my back, can be with me for intense laughter or sadness. The friends who only expect of me that I see myself the way they see me.

Most importantly I am able to see the light of lovable has been within me all along. My very own Dorothy moment. My inner strength and love were with me all along.

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