Creating Wellness in the Workplace begins with you

Creating well-being in the workplace

The Workplace Challenge

You have worked extremely hard to get where you are and to create your workplace. Invested years of study, long days, taking work home and giving up personal time. You arrive in the position you want and likely find that leadership, like the climb to get there, is full of challenges and burdens. At times it can feel exhilarating, exciting and full of fulfillment as you influence the shape of your organization, industry and make a difference in the world.

It can also feel like mountain climbing without ropes, one wrong step or a lack of support and you free fall.  This leads to sacrificing time with family and friends and letting your personal goals and interests take a back seat. Your focus on productivity in the workplace leads you to get more done each day, to increase and improve our impact, you do more working lunches, meetings over dinner, and ultimately living and breathing work. Likely you believe that it comes with the territory and to be competitive you don’t have a choice.

The Facts

“Do more with less” has become a leading workplace mantra for running a business. While it may drive the bottom line it is also driving down your well-being and your company health.

Not only are we consistently looking for ways to cut costs, drive productivity and increase the bottom line we are working more hours to do it. In 1973 the average employee worked 1679 hours per year. In 2015 that number increased to 1811 hours. That equals more than 3 extra weeks of work a year!

The Problem

The long term effects of living at this level of endurance, stress, and pressure result in leaders and employees becoming despondent about their career and their future. General health starts to suffer, and many begin to suffer from physical and mental health issues.

For family and friends seeing their closest loved ones seemly participate in their own demise, is both painful and a cause of much family tension. Relationships with family and co-workers can suffer, breakdown or worse, fail.

Whether you are initially aware of the impact or not you can begin to feel stuck. You have invested so much time and energy, sacrificed so much to throw it all away now. You have obligations to meet, your family and your team are relying on you. It occurs to you that even if you wanted to make a change you couldn’t.

So you look for ways to manage the pressure and anxiety. Most often these manipulative ways of coping further impede your performance and even compound the issue. Your sense of failing becomes more prevalent and the feeling of being in a hamster cage you can not escape sinks in.

The result is an epidemic in overwhelm, overload, stress leave and burnout amount leaders and employees at all levels of companies all over the world.

And the fact is that the $50 Billion dollars we have spent on workplace wellness annually has yet to make a difference! 

A new way ahead

At Life of Wellness Institute, we believe in you and the difference you are making in the world. We know that you do everything you do for your family and your community. That your team and your customer matter to you and you want the best for them. We know because we feel exactly the same. This is why you can always count on us to be straight with you.

The source of your well-being, your team’s well-being, your corporate culture, your success, and happiness is YOU.

We also know that the number one reason that the wellness programs and initiatives haven’t made a difference. Leaders rarely role-model or even actively support the programs and practices they fund.

This is why we start our work together with you, and your leadership team. We co-design a leadership wellness strategy and include your team to effectively make a difference. Each strategy is uniquely created based on your specific needs with your brand experience and culture in mind. 


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