Mindfulness and Self Regulation: The Art of Self-Awareness and Re-framing Self-Talk

After facing burnout and illness I ended my own 40 years personal battle with stress, anxiety, and depression.  I knew at this moment I wanted to pay back my healing by helping others to do the same. I designed this workshop to help you discover the strategies that brought me back to lead the life I wanted.

Together we will build self-awareness through conversation, individual and group activities. We will invite gentle observation and reflection and with this new awareness we will bring in strategies to allow for new patterns and choices to develop. These strategies are designed to help you face your fears and inner critic and give you tools to lessen your stress, anxiety, and depression.

* Pre-work of approximately 10 mins per day for 2 weeks will be emailed to you prior to registration

Self Care Recommendation:

We request all students of this workshop set up an exploration call with us using the green link below, or click here to email us; together we will prioritize a plan for self-care throughout the training. We believe in supporting you to allow space for integration and digestion of the material. We also acknowledge that there is the possibility of having a trauma response due to the in-depth material or content that might come up in discussions.  Please check in with your mind and body to choose if this is something that would be supportive for you and come prepared with tools and resources that support your nervous system.