Who we are and what we stand for

Our Vision

We envision a world where everyone is empowered to see themselves as the source of their life and a light of sharing the freedom this provides with the world.  

Our Mission

At Life of Wellness Institute we believe that our students and clients already have what they need to live with aliveness and fulfillment and to make their dreams a reality. Our role is to be a light of re-connection to that inner strength and resilience. This belief leads our Mission to Awaken Your Inner Strength and Empower You to Embrace Your Life, Health and Wellness. 

Our Why and our Beliefs

In our current culture we have more access to knowledge than any generation before us. In the area of well-being especially, there are more than a million books on self-care alone (as of 2017). There are considerably more for weight loss, and physical health. In North America new Yoga studios, fitness centers, health food stores, doctor’s offices, coaches, holistic health care centers, and styles of treatment are opening every day. It seems that in almost every community you can find a wellness workshop or class at almost any moment.

And yet, even with all this access to knowledge, accessibility to services, and treatment there are more people suffering in the world than ever before in our history. We are witnessing early onset of disease in our children that was historically only found in the elderly. We have new mental health disorders arising consistently, such as anxiety (first recognized in 1980).

When we first look at these two facts together, it appears to be impossible that both are happening at the same time. How can we have more access, and yet also more illness and suffering than ever before? The universal answer is far beyond my wisdom, and yet there is simplicity to finding freedom in the individual. We choose to be a source for all people to be at the source of their life. To understand that we can either be the source of our suffering or we can be the source of our aliveness. This is the why that guides our vision to “Awaken Your Inner Strength”! This leads our actions as an institute to return to our own inner wisdom, to awaken it, to believe in it, and to act on its teachings. 

It is here, within the suffering of the world, within the belief that we can each make a difference that Life of Wellness Centre Institute is created and founded in the following beliefs;

  • We believe professional ethics and standards are crucial to our vision and values, and therefore are an integral part of our school, classes, and individual services. 

  • We believe a partnership exists between our students and ourselves as the teacher and practitioner, and that our role is to support the learning, self-discovery and the healing process of each individual. 

  • We believe our clients and students are whole and complete people living big lives who have identified their desire to be supported in reaching their goals and creating their vision in the world. 

  • We believe in honoring and teaching from the International Coaching Federations Core Competencies, Ethics and Standards, and the Yoga Alliance Ethical Commitments. 

  • We believe in an honoring approach to Yoga that holds space for all 5 layers of self (Koshas) to be in supportive balance, where we are able to support our selves towards transformation.

  • We believe that each individual has their own inner sanctuary, “Gharba”. Where our most pristine self is incomplete intactness. The place where our true Self resides. Where freedom from imbalance, expectations, and judgment of our current society, and koshas is possible.

  • We believe that the teacher is only a guide that creates a space for self-discovery, that the true guru lives within the individual.

  • We believe in the self’s innate ability to heal, experience, and honor each person’s own unique path.

  • We believe in honoring the choice for our students, teachers, followers, and everyone in the world to choose for themselves. 

  • We believe in honoring the choice for each individual to discover and honor their own balance between Pravritti and Nivritti.

  • We believe that when we allow being with our true self, in all our ways of being, we get the source we are and begin the process of finding liberation.

  • We believe in honoring the history of Yoga with its many branches, its wisdom, as an exploratory opportunity for the liberation of suffering.

  • We believe in offering the teachings of Yoga for all to discover, and to support each individual in finding their own experience, and freely apply learning uniquely in support of their own personal well-being.

  • We believe in honoring our lineage, while also inviting curiosity and the ability to consistently discover newly.