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Melanie Taylor - Life of Wellness

Melanie Taylor

Founder – Yoga Therapist, Thai Massage Therapist, Transformational Coach, Mindfulness Based Stress Therapist & Yoga Teacher Trainer 



Personal Mantra: I am free to live the life I want with love and compassion

Melanie’s professional background of 25+ years of corporate leadership, non-profit and people development shone a light on how much stress, suffering, and illness was holding people back from living a life they loved. Her own personally experience with stress, illness, unhappiness and depression helped her to see she needed to make a difference. 

This brought Melanie to newly discover her life with curiosity and compassion. Her personal 25 year yoga practice has been a calming place for her to restore her mind and a gentle place to face struggle. 

Melanie combines her experience and training as a Yoga Therapist, Thai Massage Therapist, ICF certified Transformational Coach and educator specializing in health, stress reduction, anxiety and depression with her trauma informed, therapeutic insights and overall nurturing approach leading you through an experience of self exploration and body confidence that is unparalleled.

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Life of Wellness: Sonja

Sonja Langelans

Yoga Teacher and owner of Tender Touches Doula

Personal Mantra: You were made to do hard things

Sonja began her yoga journey in a high school gym class, which makes her laugh now. Everyone starts somewhere, right? She went on to enjoy many different styles of yoga, over the next 20 years. She is uniquely well versed in the amazing things a human body is capable of; having worked as a Birth and Postpartum Doula for the past 10 years. In 2018 she jumped on the opportunity to begin her registered yoga teacher training, with Mandorla Yoga Institute. Through the Mandorla Yoga Institute, she has learned the fundamentals of embodiment restorative, yin and flow yoga practices. Embodiment yoga has roots that descend from India via Krishnamacharya in 1888 and is closely associated with Viny Yoga. In embodiment yoga, students learn to listen closely to what their bodies really need; in addition to encouraging each individual to not push past their own bodies physical limitations. Sonja is excited to bring this style of yoga to the residents in, and around, Airdrie. She recognizes the need for this particular style of yoga in Alberta’s fast-paced, often stressful culture. She is also excited to bring yoga, and mindfulness practices, into the lives of children and thoroughly enjoys being on her mat with little ones. 

When on her own mat Sonja thoroughly enjoys an invigorating, non-heated, flow practice most. You’ll often find her testing her limits doing inversions, and willing to try just about anything. 

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Caitlin Taylor - Educational Tutor

Caitlin Taylor

Educational Tutor and Mentor

Personal Mantra: Loving to learn makes everything possible.

Hi, my name is Caitlin and I am a 4th-year concurrent education and sociology student at the University of Calgary. My love for education began in a most surprising way, even today when I look back I never could have seen myself where I am now.

During my 8th grade, I began to develop anxiety that began to have a significant effect on my life and my learning. After a few years of getting support and building resiliency, I took a step that I now see changed everything. I decided to do a study in my Psychology class that looked at anxiety in our school and the effects on my fellow classmates. I then worked with our school administration to instigate changes based on my findings.

Since grade 7, I have been tutoring students within the school and privately. With my personal experience, I found that the impact I was able to make was more than helping with learning skills and grades. Most profoundly the difference was for my peers and students who had similar experiences, and some more difficult than my own.

I have focused my studies on understanding how students experience their education. My desire is to support students that feel unrepresented and unsupported in creating an experience that inspires them to create and live a life they love.

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