Do whole foods make a difference?

Our lives are so busy, and with that comes the need to “save time”. This has lead to a trend of drive throughs, fast meals and ready made packages. It is so easy to make this choice so we can get our kids from event to event, fit meals between work and play or the Continue Reading

You have power over food!

Our eating is habitual How many times have you sat down to eat and then all of a sudden realized that you are done and you can’t even remember what you ate? Or said you would have a few and finish the bag? It’s a pattern that many of us face, some every meal, some Continue Reading

Why I stopped eating processed foods

It can be really hard to resist the processed chips and pop, especially when they have such highly addictive additives that makes it harder the more you eat them. Once I understood how they affected my body and mind it made it much easier to make choices that were rich in quality and health. Here Continue Reading