It’s okay to say NO!

So often I find myself saying yes and then being frustrated soon after. Why did I say yes, when I knew I didn’t want to? Continue Reading

What we see in people is really like an iceberg

I have found that when I grew the most was when I was the most vulnerable and there was someone there who really truly took the time to get to really know me and provide authentic support. Continue Reading

My favorite new healthy and oh so yummy recipe – Vegan Banana Bread

Here is my absolute favorite. Vegan banana bread. Now before you get turned off by how healthy it sounds let me assure you. I have never had a better banana bread and I must say since I love banana bread and have eaten more than my fair share I can confidently say it is the best I’ve ever had. Continue Reading

A healthy lifestyle

When you choose the goal to live a healthier lifestyle, you are enevitably entering a complex world to navigate. Continue Reading

Journey to my life of health and wellness

When you begin to tell your story, does everyone wonder… how does my journey to health and wellness start? Is the meaning deeply entrenched in your childhood, or is it really about the journey? What I have recently come to understand is that it is all about the journey. Of course my childhood has framed who Continue Reading