Are you a slave to your calendar?

I have a question… Are you a slave to your calendar? Does it make you feel like an underperforming employee just waiting for your next bad review? Changing my perspective A few weeks ago on a call with a mentors talking about electronic calendars when a couple of key things became very clear. It is to hit the complete button and begin focusing on the next task No matter how many times you click complete on a task the calendar will remind you of more How completed tasks seem to vanish from thought after the button has been clicked These Continue reading

How I’m facing my technology crutch

If you’ve ever worked with a mentor you’ve likely experienced one of those moments where you find clarity that changes your perspective in the blink of an eye. For me it was one of those moments where I faced something I was making harder than it needed to be. What has happened since is nothing short of transformational. I was in this rut of feeling like what I was doing wasn’t working.¬†Like many of my clients I had found myself feeling like “I was so busy” or “I don’t have time”. This is such an easy place to find yourself Continue reading