Life of Wellness Institute: Wellbeing 101 - The Art of Releasing Stress in the Mind and Body

Stress is a deadly and silent killer that has a profound impact on our aliveness, our health, and well-being, and physically impedes digestion, fertility, and our bodies natural healing ability.

  • Is your mind constantly active and full of fear and judgment based thoughts?
  • Do you find yourself unable to take action in times of fear and uncertainty?
  • Are you facing debilitating fatigue that you can not source the cause of?
  • Do you find yourself turning more and more for numbing activities?
  • Are you tired of personal development that only leads to more self-judgment and longing for freedom, peace of mind, and aliveness back?

The art of releasing stress in the mind and body

This program is designed to;

  • Normalize the experience and effects of stress and create support through community 
  • Uncover and understand the complex relationship between stress and well-being
  • Identify the unique patterns and triggers that lead how stress occurs in our unique mind and body

Our students have shared the following results;

  • Disrupt stress in the mind and body and recovery and prevention of manifestation into illness, and ultimately chronic illness
  • Discover a variety of easy to apply stress-relieving structures so that can be applied immediately to reduce stress
  • Create a new structure that is supportive so that we can re-pattern our future
  • Increased energy, peace of mind, and restorative sleep

Program details

Fall 2020: Thursday, September 24, October 1 and 8 from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Tuition is $195 + GST = 204.75

(Payment plan available of 2 equal payments of $102/38)

or come with a friend and pay $145 + GST = $152.25 each

(Payment plan available of 2 equal payments of $76.13)

Are you facing financial hardship? We offer a karma based scholarship for all of our programs. You can use the link to apply below. Please note that for us to approve a scholarship, you must first be approved to attend the program. You may complete both application forms at the same time. 

We want you to be in the safety of your own home so you can come as you are. This is why this program is delivered in three live video zoom calls over three weeks.

We limit our group sizes to 6 participants to give everyone space to share and have their questions answered. 

Adolescents (aged 16+) and adults, from all ethnic backgrounds and physical abilities, are welcome.

Hear what our students have to say

Walking the journey with you

Melanie Taylor - Transformational Coach, Yoga Therapist, Thai Massage Therapist, Stress Reduction Therapist

Melanie Taylor – The founder of Life of Wellness Institute

A mom of 2 university students, and a wife of 23 years. As a child, Melanie felt like she was the reason everyone around her was in pain… so she tried really hard to be perfect in every way. That led to constant judgment, burnout, binge eating and dissociation from her body. She experienced anxiety, depression, pain, and self-loathing and was at the cross roads,  of “do I give up” and “there has to be freedom”. It is here at the fork that she knew she had to fight for her survival and discovered how to be free from the suffering they bring.

She has been supporting clients as a Transformational Coach for more than 25 years, and is also a certified Yoga Teacher Trainer, Mindfulness Stress Reduction Therapist, Yoga and Thai Massage Therapist.

Her personal journey includes 25+ years with Hatha, Therapeutic Embodiment and ViniYoga, and is one of reclaiming herself and awakening her inner awareness and strength.

Self Care Recommendation:

We acknowledge that it is normal for students to experience emotion in our class discussions and while completing homework. We believe in supporting you to allow, in checking in that this program is a fit for your experience, as well as through out the program. This is why we offer an exploration call where together we can prioritize a plan for self-care throughout the training, as well as for students within the program to request additional support. 

Frequently Asked Questions: