Transforming Stress through the BE K.I.N.D. Embodiment Methodology (TM)

At the heart of everything we do is a foundation of working with the human experience of being human 

Within our vision is an underlying goal to be a place where human beings find peace. This may sound bigger than us, and actually that is the point. We know that we can not make this difference alone, and we know that it is worth fighting for. To find out more about joining us in this journey set up an exploration call with our founder

This work begins with acknowledging where we are starting. We are designed to respond to the experiences we take in. Whether internal or external, whether positive or negative, these experiences move through us. This cycle plays out hundreds of times a day. Our work is to work with our experience and not against it. In Yoga we describe this work as the liberation of our suffering, and our staying is “the way out is through”. 

In our society, there is a lot of “be this…” kind of speaking. Be positive, be grateful, be better. The problem is that it doesn’t stick until we address the source of our suffering. Our programs are designed to move past the awareness and into actions that over time build your skills to be with your experiences and as Dan Siegel of the Mindsight Institute says “change the architecture of your own brain”.

Our Be K.I.N.D. Embodiment Methodology model was designed to work with your both your human experience, and your physiology and psychology, and it is the foundation of all of our programs. 


“Embodiment is being with and working with all the sensations, emotions, and experiences life offers.” Catherine Cook-Cottone

We want you to use this model as a personal guide for creating a new way forward. Click here to download a PDF version for your reference

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