Life of Wellness Institute: Wellbeing 101 - The Art of Releasing Stress in the Mind and Body

Wellbeing 101: The Art of Releasing Stress in the Mind and Body

For so many of us our stories and stress runs our lives and leaves us feeling that life is happening to us. The result is that our aliveness, well-being and sense of power over our lives is diminished. In this workshop we will discover together how to release ourselves and live a Life of Wellness. This includes:

  • Discovering the complex relationship between stress and illness. Not all stress has a negative effect on our mind, yet our body handles all stress as the same. While studies have shown that short-term stress boosted the immune system, chronic stress has a significant effect on the immune system that ultimately manifests as illness.
  • Discovering together how stress builds in our mind and body and how un-answered stress leads to burnout and illness. 
  • Discovering together that we are the source of our own life and we have a choice to let it happen “to us” or to live fulfilled fully expressed and grounded lives
  • We will identify our own stress triggers, and create strategies to re-pattern our responses.

* Pre-work of approximately 10 mins per day for 2 weeks will be emailed to you prior to registration

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Self Care Recommendation:
We request all students of this workshop set up a consultation call to prioritize a plan for self-care throughout the training. We believe in supporting you to allow space for integration and digestion of the material. We also acknowledge that there is the possibility of having a trauma response due to the in-depth material or content that might come up in discussions.  Please check in with your mind and body to choose if this is something that would be supportive for you and come prepared with tools and resources that support your nervous system.

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