Developing the foundation of mastery

At the Life of Wellness Institute, the first step in the journey is so more than Yoga Teacher Training. It truly begins with you seeing yourself clearly. For you to have, and consistently apply the tools, resources, and support. To be with everything and anything in your life with peace of mind and freedom. And to be empowered and ready to share this gift with others.

Creating and nurturing community

Our world needs leaders who have a foundation of peace of mind, compassion, and clarity. This is why we offer our Ayurvedic Somatic Coaching Training. You will be trained and developed to be a leader of transformation in your community through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda combined with the skills of Emotional Intelligence and Transformational Coaching.  

Transforming the world together

We have a vision that every human being in the world awakens, experiences, and has consistent access to their inner strength and resilience and we can not do it alone. Through our Life of Wellness Institute Facilitator Training Program, you will be mentored in fulfilling on your Dharma, and knowing yourself as being the one making that difference.

Our student's voice matter! Hear what they have to say.

Embrace Embodied Living and Empower Your Thriving Life