At the Life of Wellness Institute we value in person discovery based learning as much as we value the well-being of our students, our team, and our community.

This has always been the foundation of every decision we make for our institute, and in today’s world we are grateful to have this way of thinking.

It is with these two filters in mind, the alignment of the Yoga Alliance, and the advice of Abrio Health, AHS, and the CDC that we continue to provide our training in both live classrooms and in live Zoom classes. Throughout your program we will be in continual contact with our students and adjusting as needed. 

We believe this is the best structure to maintain the quality of learning, the community collaboration and classroom conversations while maintaining the highest standards for safety and health.

As always we are here to support you, please click the button below to set up your exploration call. Together we will explore what you want to create, and what will support you to accomplish it.

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