Advanced 300 Hour with Ayurvedic Somatic Coaching

Viniyoga: Transformative Yoga Practice

Embark on a journey shaped by over three decades of experience in Hatha Yoga training, teaching, and personal practice. It was a personal encounter with Viniyoga that forever altered our founder’s path, unveiling a new dimension. What captivated her was the emphasis on movement coupled with adaptive approaches, which honored each yogi’s unique moment. This synergy, combined with breath-guided movement she had embraced for years, laid the groundwork for what would eventually become the Life of Wellness Institute. The past ten years have been dedicated to sharing this transformative methodology.

At the core of this lineage lies its remarkable adaptability to every student, in every instance. This adaptability is paramount in supporting and respecting yogis as yoga teachers. Viniyoga meets each practitioner precisely where they stand, tailoring the practice to their individual condition and specific goals. Thus, the entire practice is personalized for each student—it transcends fixed routines, styles, and intentions, celebrating the uniqueness of every pose. With this foundation, Viniyoga accommodates both gentle and rigorous practices, all while valuing the individual as they are.

Viniyoga, derived from the ancient Sanskrit term (prefixes vi and ni plus yoga), embodies differentiation, adaptation, and apt application. For our founder, it serves as a compass for honoring the authentic self and approaching resistance with curiosity and compassionate loving-kindness. Viniyoga manifests as a comprehensive and authentic transmission of yoga’s teachings, encompassing āsana, prāṇāyāma, bandha, sound, chanting, meditation, personal ritual, and text study. It’s an evolution that promises transformative growth and embracing one’s true essence.

300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training: Elevate Mastery, Coaching Skills, and Certification

Elevate your mastery in the teachings of the Yoga Sutras and hone your skills in Coaching and Teacher Presence. Become a certified practitioner capable of offering impactful 1:1 Yoga Coaching Sessions, whether in person or virtually.

Join Our Vision!

At the heart of our Institute is a mission to create an inclusive space where every individual, regardless of their body type, can embrace their true selves while navigating life’s complexities. We believe in community and collaboration, recognizing that we can’t achieve this vision alone. That’s why we’re excited to present our 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, rooted in the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras, Eight Limbs of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Somatic Science.

Ayurvedic Somatic Coaching Methodology

Our founder, Melanie Taylor, a seasoned Transformational Coach, Thai Massage Therapist, and Yoga Therapist with over 30 years of experience, has designed our Ayurvedic Somatic Coaching methodology. This training is specialized in stress, trauma, PTSD, eating disorder/disordered eating, and mental health recovery.

An Empowered Journey

Building on the foundation of our 200-Hour program, the 300-Hour training offers an advanced study of Yoga, cultivating mastery and a deeply intuitive teaching presence. You will gain certification to deliver our Yogic Coaching Methodology, customizing individual practices tailored to your students’ needs, desires, and challenges.

Embody Your Presence and Purpose

Together, we will empower you to fully embody your presence and purpose as a teacher. You’ll be equipped to guide your students towards realizing their full human potential on physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and creative levels.

Join us in this transformative journey towards becoming a certified 300-Hour Yoga Teacher, capable of enriching lives through personalized coaching and holistic teachings.

Student Testimonials

Elevate Your Expertise and Transform Lives

During this comprehensive training, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Increase your learning potential in small class sizes, fostering a supportive community.
  • Experience discovery-based learning for enhanced knowledge retention and confidence.
  • Join our teacher network for ongoing support in your personal practice and teaching journey.
  • Benefit from our founder’s 30+ years of experience in yoga and discovery-based teaching.
  • Develop a deep connection with your inner teacher and share the gift of yoga authentically.
  • Gain guidance from our senior teacher, dedicated to your growth and authenticity.

Throughout this transformative journey, you will:

  • Be supported on your individual path with loving-kindness, empathy, and curiosity.
  • Be part of a community that values your experience and wisdom.
  • Learn to deliver a customized and complete yoga experience to your students.
  • Identify your niche and connect with your ideal students and clients.
  • Design a business plan with the resources you need for success.
  • Step into your inner strength and embrace self-expression.
  • Develop ease in mind, body, and spirit while creating a vibrant community.

2024-2026 Fall Cohort Schedule – Open for applications

We are thrilled to announce that applications are now open for our comprehensive 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. This training is available through live virtual classrooms, allowing you to participate from anywhere. Here are the details for our upcoming Fall Cohort:

Module 1: Advanced Philosophy, Ethics, and Teacher Presence
  • Night Classes: Tuesdays, September 10, 2024 to May 13, 2025 (No class on Nov 5, Dec 17, 24, and 31)
  • Time: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM MST / 7:00 PM to 10 PM EST

Module 2: Advanced Anatomy and Teaching

  • Weekend Intensives: April 5/6 and 26/27, May 31/June 1, June 14/15, and July 12/13 2025
  • Time: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM MST / 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST

Module 3: Transforming Lives with Advanced Yoga

  • Night Classes: Tuesdays, September 16, 2025, to May 5, 2026
  • Time: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM MST / 7:00 PM to 10 PM EST


This Certificate Program is open to students who have completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification with a Yoga Alliance Certified School. If your 200-hour training was not through the Life of Wellness Institute, you may be required to take a bridge workshop. Allowances are available for dedicated and serious yoga students who are not on a teaching track and may be invited to attend for the purposes of advanced study.


Register before Aug 1st, and save $750 Early Bird Discount

No Cost Equal Payment Plans available!

Scholarships Available. No additional forms!

Students can choose from a one-time payment, a eighteen-month equal payment plan, or applying for a scholarship with a payment plan. 

  • Save with our Early Bird rate of $3000 Canadian until August 1st and $3750 Canadian thereafter. 
  • Apply before August 1st – 18 month Early Bird equal payment plan – $166.67 + GST per month
  • Apply after August 1st – 18 month equal payment plan – $208.34 + GST per month
  • You can choose your tuition type and apply for a scholarship on your application
  • All tuition is subject to a 5% GST tax. 
  • Early bird discount not applicable with a scholarship.

As an accredited Canadian school, we provide our students with a T2202a for educational tax reimbursement for tuition payment. Tax forms may be requested for other countries. Speak with your teacher for more information.

Graduates may register with the Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200-hour level and receive access to discounts to membership benefits—like such as discounts on professional insurance.

Whether you wish to teach, are looking to integrate yoga into your existing scope of practice, or you are taking this course to support your personal practice, you receive 1:1 mentorship.