Life of Wellness Institute - Yoga Teacher Training Application

Your Journey Begins today!

Yoga Teacher Training Application

By completing the Yoga Teacher Training Application, your journey has already begun. 

Whether you are newly stepping into a life of yoga, deepening your practice, or learning to share this gift; together we will awaken your strength, empower you fully, and discover the teacher within you. We will guide you to find your yoga practice and your teaching presence through yogic living, philosophy, asana (poses), pranayama (breath), sequencing, anatomy, and creating an Ayurvedic business. We believe, great teachers are a space for the student to find the TRUE GURU, within themselves. You are your own Guru and we are simply here to guide and support you in creating your own practice. 

Our application process has 4 steps:

1. Book and complete an Exploration Call

2. Complete the application form (below)

3. Choose your tuition style:

  • I can support another: For those who have the means to support another, you are able to donate to our scholarship fund. 
  • I can pay with a payment plan: We offer self-created payment plans with zero fees and zero interest. At the end of your application form you will be sent to a form to tell us when and what you want your payments to be within the timeline of your training program. 
  • I can attend with a scholarship: Yoga is a gift, one that was shared with me initially through a scholarship. For me, it is very important that it is accessible to everyone. This is why we offer multiple scholarship levels. Click here to apply 

4. Show up to classroom just as you are!

Through out these stages our conversations, and your applications are confidential. We use this information to understand who you are and how to support you in your training journey.

Please note: All fields of this form required with the exception of the certificate upload. If the question doesn’t apply to you please put n/a.

We aim to review all applications within two days, and we will reach out to you as soon as possible thereafter.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Institute!