Does Learn at Your Own Pace Yoga Teacher Training set you up to FAIL?

Have you noticed there are so many options for where you can do your yoga teacher training? In fact, since you began your search google has likely shown you more and more options. I remember making this choice for myself, and to be honest I found it frustrating and overwhelming. This is why I offer a free exploration call, to help with your questions and let you choose the school and teacher that is the best fit for you!  The honest truth… with almost all schools now only offering for you to learn at your own pace video-based training it Continue reading

Recovery from high functioning PTSD and my Eating Disorder: What I didn’t know and how it helped and hindered me

I have spent my life keeping busy. At the height of it I was working 70-80 hours a week, volunteering over 1200 hours a year, over and above being a married mom of two. Five years ago I left this lifestyle, I even thought I had completed this part of my life. And now I can see, I have spent my life keeping busy because then I never had the time to deal with the pain, the thoughts, the emotions, the trauma. I was filling the space up to not feel. Continue reading

The rest I didn’t know I deeply needed

We live in a society that is focused on productivity, high producing, and achieving behaviors. We say things like “do more with less” and “sleep when I’m dead”. We see people who are busy as productive, stressed as up to big things, and achievement as the only important measure of success. The result is we are experiencing significant increases in chronic fatigue or its more recently introduced name, myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). A 2017 survey shows some 560,000 Canadians report that they have the disease, a 36.7 percent increase over previous results from 2014. The number also suggests the disease may be more common than breast cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis combined. Since March of 2020, we are seeing significant experiences of compassion fatigue, lockdown fatigue, and pandemic fatigue. Continue reading

Embodied Self Regulation: How the Vayus help us

A story from our founder, Melanie Taylor In February of 2020, after years of struggle and misdiagnosis, I was diagnosed with PTSD. The year that followed has been filled with therapy, tears, and a lot of healing. Part of the healing came from looking at my past and present with fresh eyes. To look into my patterns and the beliefs I had developed over my life. It was difficult, and a continual work in progress. But each time I do it I find the freedom I never dreamed was possible. When I was 12 my grandfather left his car on Continue reading

DIY How to Make Your Own Yoga Props

With more yoga classes happening online, you may find yourself missing those studio props. Props are an excellent way to enhance, support, and adapt your practice. At the Life of Wellness Institute, we recommend props because they aid us in our practice.  They allow us to be in control of and isolate the sensations we want to focus on, to bring the ground a little closer, support stability, and so much more. If using any of these props brings up any unhelpful experiences or thoughts, please reach out to your certified life of wellness institute yoga teacher for alternatives. Here Continue reading

I am not resilient: A story of discovery and recovery

How it started I am a human being. And until recently I didn’t really know what that meant. This is my story of discovery and recovery. There is a traumatizing moment in my childhood where the playful curiosity immediately faded and I began carrying the backpack of PTSD. From this day forward I layered on expectations, judgments, and trauma responses to my life, brick by brick being added to my backpack. Year after year, decade after decade I was creating and carrying my backpack of bricks. Each moment of my life was witnessed, experienced, and engaged with my backpack on. These Continue reading

Creating Wellness in the Workplace begins with you

The Workplace Challenge You have worked extremely hard to get where you are and to create your workplace. Invested years of study, long days, taking work home and giving up personal time. You arrive in the position you want and likely find that leadership, like the climb to get there, is full of challenges and burdens. At times it can feel exhilarating, exciting and full of fulfillment as you influence the shape of your organization, industry and make a difference in the world. It can also feel like mountain climbing without ropes, one wrong step or a lack of support Continue reading

30 minutes of personal development, and how it’s changing my life

Why I love Personal Development? I had heard many times that doing 30 minutes of personal development a day was good for you, and while I do consider myself a lifelong student, I had not yet embraced this philosophy as a daily ritual. Then last year friend started an online Facebook challenge. A group of us got together and shared what we had learned that day. This was great because not only was I taking on this new habit, I was able to see what others were learning and share books, videos etc. It didn’t take more than a couple of Continue reading

Protect yourself from the energy and emotions of others

Our words and our story affect us and those around us. In a previous post, “You are the writer of your own story” I shared the importance of being the editor of our story. Today I want to share ways to protect yourself from the impact that both our own story and the stories of others can have on our own emotions and energy. We’ve all been in a moment where someone is sharing with us. It may be in an outburst, in excitement or joy, in frustration and anger. Either way, their emotion has an impact on us. In Continue reading

When things go wrong as they sometimes will

Sometimes I feel like life just knocks me down with a Rocky sized punch. You know those days when things go wrong in a way that reminds us of just how human we are. And that being human means I have needs to be met, and if I don’t meet them I’ll crash. Today I had that kind of reminder! Over the past few weeks, I have been silently suffering from pain with my digestion. Therefore, I don’t feel I’m at my best. I feel tired, achy, easily agitated, and to be honest a bit scared. It’s like that poem Continue reading

What if I told you that you can have true happiness now?

Imagine this… What if I told you that you already have everything you need to find true happiness? I bet right about now you are thinking it can’t be true. That this is some gimmick, some self-help cure to all woes. I get it! And it’s still the truth. Okay, let’s get real for a minute. When I say you can have true happiness now I mean it, and I know this because I found this to be true for myself and all my clients. When I look back, the funny part to me is that everything I needed I Continue reading

Healing my negative self-image

Ever wondered what drives your fears and negative self-image, and how to begin healing? It’s hard work, but worth every moment, every tear. I recently heard someone say that who we are today is a chain of connections of our experiences and surroundings. This really connected with me as it made me think about how I became me. What has guided me to my beliefs and what has contributed to what I feel is important in life? Had these impacts had an empowering, healing or destructive impact? I had to start by asking who has had long-lasting powerful impacts on me? Continue reading

Why we need community to thrive!

There has been a lot of suffering in my family and community lately. So far this year we lost our nephew, and another nephew is struggling with anger. My brother in law and step-father both had heart surgeries. Friends and businesses owners have had to close their businesses due to low sales. The list goes on and on. When you look out in the world today, the news is filled with struggle and disagreement. For me, when this happens it is easy to get down, feel depleted and recluse into the safety of my home. I find myself needing more sleep, Continue reading

Ending the burnout from giving… sometimes the giving has to be to yourself

Burnout has been a big part of finding my self-awareness and healing Burnout for me shows up in many ways. At the beginning it starts with when I start noticing that I am not completing everything I set out for the day, week etc. Insert self doubt and judgement here! This usually brings on the feeling that I am failing at meeting my goals.  Now, feeling even more down on myself becomes the rocket fuel I use to push through and make it happen anyway.  This inevitably leads to exhaustion, a serious lack of self care and the start of Continue reading

Throw your hat over the wall and live the life you’ve always wanted

If we are being honest, we already have a good life. And there is nothing wrong with being comfortable living the life we have created. And sometimes we feel called to do something BIG. There are thousands of reasons not to do it. I mean what if you failed? It’s scary, challenging, and will take your focus whether in your business or your life. And immediately, there is that moment of doubt. Followed by all the reasons we shouldn’t do it. Maybe now isn’t the time, it probably won’t work anyway, and so many more. In my experience, we often end Continue reading

My victory over “I’m not lovable”

Have you ever noticed that everything you suffer from all comes down to one or two limiting beliefs? That it can stop you from true happiness everywhere in life? For me, this is the belief “I’m not lovable”. How it all started Here I am living the life of a free child when all of a sudden a moment occurs. A moment where in an instant everything changes. At that moment, a 5-year-old said: “I’m not lovable”. It wasn’t true of course, it was the reaction of a child. And yet, I have spent 40 years finding evidence that it’s Continue reading

Knowing when it is time to let go

Knowing how and when to let go is one of the hardest things to do. Our emotions act as a cloud above us. Making it harder to see clearly. This can leave us confused and feeling that it is too hard. “The truth is unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.” – Steve Maraboli So how do you know there is something to let go of? Signs that there is something to let go There is a conflict with your personal values Continue reading

Awaken your inner strength today

If you follow me on social media you may have noticed me say “Awaken Your Inner Strength”. This is something that has great meaning for me, and today I wanted to share this with you. Deep within all of us is a sacred space. A place where our true self lives. The place where our strength and love comes from. And in struggle and throughout our lives, it is a place we forget is there. Think back to being a kid. Do you remember playing without fear? Believing you can do anything? Or how you saw a tree as climbable? Continue reading

When your daily road of emotions seems all uphill

These past few months have been filled with difficult situations, overwhelming emotions, and BIG decisions. The kind of situations that you can not prepare for. What I have seen in these moments is how easy it is to disengage. For emotions of overwhelm, frustration and anger to take over. And nothing in these moments make me want to make lemonade! It is moments like these when I remember why I practice yoga. A while back I wrote a post that I do yoga so I can bend and not break. This is no less true today. And sometimes I just want Continue reading

You already have everything you need for happiness

We all have dreams, wants, desires, and most of all happiness. They are simply a part of who we are as human beings. It comes from our ability to dream. And what is predictable in our behavior is that our dreams give us access to thinking we aren’t enough now. Our dreams take our focus off what we already have. To notice what we have already accomplished. Yesterday is already a blur! What you dreamt about and likely have some version of now is disconnected from our minds. We have completed that desire, and it loses all its glitter. Our mind Continue reading

Making the difficult doable

This past week I found myself feeling the stress of a difficult conversation I had been avoiding. Sign after sign shining as a reminder of what I needed to face. I was looking over and over for ways to avoid it altogether. Yet the effects of avoidance were becoming more in focus with every moment. I lived between confidence that I needed to take action to fear of what the result would be. What is it that makes it hard to speak the truth? Why do we find ourselves grappling over our needs and boundaries? And most importantly how do Continue reading

When you share your story, do you think about yourself as the author and editor?

When you share your story, do you think about yourself as the author and editor? When you share your story, it is important to remember that it’s up to you what you share, who you share it with and how you share it. You decide the plot twists, choose the characters and their role in the story. You even decide on the ending. Have you ever noticed yourself tell a story and how it morphs each time we tell it? I believe there are two reasons for this, the first is that we alter the story to leave out the parts we Continue reading

Live with Unguarded Authenticity

On Internation Women’s Day, I attended the Ladies Talk Out Loud conference with many others from our community. The event was created by the incredible Karen and Ladies Out Loud. They are an authentic social group for women to learn, laugh, and live out loud.  Click the link to see Ladies Out Loud’s upcoming events! Each speaker had me intently listening as they shared their personal stories. Their courage and passion of each speaker sharing their perspective, not from opinion but from as lived experience was powerful. I definitely wouldn’t say I have a favorite from the day, but I will Continue reading

To do it all, or not to

These past weeks or so has been difficult for me. So many things have happened and it has left me in need of a change. Let’s start at the beginning… I’ve always prided myself in being able to get things done. To be where I need to be, do what I need to do. And until recently I’ve never really questioned it. I mean isn’t the goal to make a difference? To use our time wisely and be productive? To get things done? Well, if you asked me this even 6 months ago my answer would have been yes. But now, Continue reading

The 10 things that each made me 10% happier

It seems like everywhere we look someone is telling us how to be happier. Commercials tell us what we need to buy to be happier. Store windows show us the look of happier. Memberships to buy happiness long-term. So how does this manifest? Being told over and over what we need to be happy, ultimately makes us question what we already have. It’s like that dangling carrot we can never quite reach. So how do we actually be happier? Here are the 10 things I found that each made me 10% happier! Let go of the things that didn’t serve Continue reading

50 things to do when you feel overwhelmed

50 things you can do when you feel overwhelmed No matter how long I’ve been practicing meditation and yoga I still have bad days and get overwhelmed. In fact, I had one yesterday, we woke up really early to the smell of the motor burned out in our furnace and a cold house. As is often true these things don’t happen when it’s convenient. Not that there is a time that is convenient, but on a holiday Monday was not my favorite timing. The smell had us very concerned that a fire could start and the error messages indicated the Continue reading

Taking off the masks we wear

I want to share with you a week that was incredibly eye-opening for me. It’s allowed me to see a mask I’ve always worn and the impact it has had on my life. As part of a class, we were asked to interview people in different communities in our lives. The point was to understand who we are being with people from their perspectives. We were meant to see how people saw us. Ultimately, the result was to give us access to our self-expression. Before I share the result with you, I want to share with you how I felt Continue reading

The one true teacher lives in the center of your heart

Have you ever had one of those moments where you realized that you had the answer all along? Over the past few years I’ve learned this lesson over and over. And let’s be honest, it was there before but I chose to be blind to it. What’s the lesson? I am my own best teacher! It turns out that I needed to keep facing this lesson until the learning became clear. So now what? Well what I’ve found is that now that I get the lesson, the real work is in using it! Facing my own patterns In becoming self Continue reading

Do you have negative thoughts? Remember “RAIN”

How many times a day do negative thoughts seem to rain in your mind? Feelings that you aren’t good enough? Comparing yourself to someone else? For me, this happens all the time. After that, the only difference today is I no longer believe these thoughts! The simple secret to change In a stressful situation or a challenging emotion, our mind begins to send warning signals to us in an effort to protect us. It seems really unfair however when you understand why our brain works this way it begins to make more sense. You see, our brain is designed to Continue reading

Your tribe is everything! Tips to creating your community

This week has been pretty intense, five 16 hour days getting home with barely enough energy to get from my car to bed, getting up just 5 hours later to start again.  My feet hurt, I’m a bit dehydrated and admittedly I’m glad to be sitting here writing in my blog. While my body may be tired, my energy is higher than ever! So what’s my secret? Expectations that miss the mark You’ve probably already heard the quote “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future” or “you’re the average of the five people spend the most time with” Continue reading

I do yoga so I can bend and not break

I often ask my students why they love yoga and why they want to dive deeper into their yoga practice. I always love hearing each answer as it gives me an insight into their experience and how I can support them. Today I want to tell you about the answer that affected me the most. Her answer was “I do yoga so I can bend and not break. The first part about this answer that affected me, is it reminded me how often I hear people say they don’t do yoga because they “aren’t flexible enough” or “aren’t bendy enough”. Continue reading

Creating a lasting Mantra

Have you noticed that what we planned on New Year’s Eve is already fading away?  In fact, I am sure you have seen all sort of advertisements, social media trying to help you “not lose track”, “stay on track”. How a membership or product will help you be successful. And yet, we have every possible tool available to help us stay on track. Calendars, reminders, support groups, books and yet we have a world full of people feeling judgment for themselves, feeling failure. Have you noticed the new trend of instead of having an intention or resolution for a new Continue reading

How to live life with less stress and more energy

After over 20 years of being a coach and trainer, I have seen my fair share of stress in my clients and students. Even within my personal life stress has had its own grip on me at times in my life. I recently read an article by  Eric Larson, PCC in the International Coaching Federation blog where he stated that “The statistics about stress are staggering. According to the American Psychological Association (APA) in 2017: Nearly eight in 10 people regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress; almost half say they lie awake at night due to stress, and employers in the U.S. Continue reading

Finding some silence between all the noise

I am finding more and more in my own life and in the lives of my clients a sense of deep exhaustion. I’ve been spending a lot of time on this reflection lately wondering what is the consistent link. What I always find funny about this is that it isn’t new knowledge, it isn’t something I haven’t reflected on before. And I found simply an acknowledgment that there is so much that is easy to get distracted from. Literally. Have you ever noticed how little silence we have in our lives? It seems like we are inundated with sound, and Continue reading

Beating holiday stress

As the holiday season begins it can bring with it additional stress. Our desire to make everything perfect, to do it all, to be it all. The pressures of fitting so many extra events into our schedules, the gift shopping, the baking and decorating. All of this building up to the actual holiday can leave us feeling exhausted before the holiday actually begins. All this stress takes the joy out of our holidays and even increase our risk of illness. It is possible to leave all that stress behind and have a happy holiday with your friends and family. Here are Continue reading

Is Intuition the highest form of intelligence?

In the world today we have more access to information than any other time.  Day after day we are bombarded with marketing, memes, and entertainment telling us how to live a happier life. And yet we seeing the highest rates of unhappiness and stress recorded in modern history.  There are more people today facing stress-related illnesses than ever before. In general, we are suffering more and more and yet still searching for the “answers”. What if having all this information isn’t the answer? Have you noticed that the more information we have available is increasing at about the same rate Continue reading

“Burn the ships” a lesson about not giving up on yourself

Have you ever heard the expression “burn the boats”? It comes from 1519 during the Spanish conquest of Mexico, when Hernán Cortés the Spanish commander, scuttled his ships so that his men would have to conquer or die. Basically, he created a point of no return for himself and his men. What is the lesson here? Giving up is easy when you have the option Let that sink in for a moment. Can you see how often we give up? How easy it is to have one moment derail us completely? How we always leave ourselves a safety net? What Continue reading

Cultivating and Honoring your Inner Strength

Tips to awaken, recognize, nourish, cultivate and honor Your Inner Strength that will leave you feeling grounded, supported and able to accomplish anything. Have you ever noticed that no matter what you just learned the moment you are complete there is a sense of what’s next? A consistent push to be better, know more, to change and only then can you be the person you want to be. And then the moment we complete that method we are on to the next book, the next class, the next retreat. Transparently I had been in this hampster cage for a long Continue reading

We can be heroes just for one day

One of my favorite songs is by the great David Bowie, “We can be heroes just for one day”. The words just speak to me! Okay, let’s be honest this could be because I’m a child of the 70s. Definitely could be that I found my way in life through the music of the 70s and 80s. Either way, music has a profound impact on us and how we remember parts of our lives. Even today this song is part of my favorite playlists, often one of the songs where I can still find myself singing into my hairbrush ready Continue reading

Please don’t have a nice day

I first heard these words lying in bed in a hostel in Vancouver during a quiet Monday evening. A day out of my normal routine in our home in Alberta, it began with an authentic moment with a stranger who became a friend in the few days that we had together as roommates. An experience without the typical awkwardness found between strangers. We seemed to immediately connect as women, as mothers, and as human beings. Following our goodbyes that morning, I proceeded to a day on my own. From sitting in a coffee shop to burying my toes in the sand Continue reading

What I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for the family we love, the friends we cherish, what we have and for the blessings that will come. As I reflected this week I found myself overwhelmed with so many reasons to be grateful. In celebration, I wanted to share what’s most important to me. My family This year has been one of celebration and change in our lives. From our youngest graduating high school and getting into his first school choice. Our daughter completing her first degree and beginning to work on her second. And as if that isn’t enough this week Continue reading

The history of “Self-Care” the good the bad and the ugly

It seems like everywhere you look today someone is telling us to self-care, that self-care is the answer to our problems and if we aren’t doing it we should be. If we’ve spoken before you have likely heard my opinion of the word “should”. I know it is a bit ironic to say this. I feel that the word should, should be removed from our language. Funny right! I believe that “should” is as a mentor recently said “the most disempowering factitious concept” in our language today. It can be easy to get caught up in the pressure being placed Continue reading

Bold and Unapologetic Integrity and Authenticity

I have been reflecting a lot of integrity and authenticity.  It seems to be something that is all around us these days and not in a good way. More and more it seems that we have a lack in these areas. Why does this matter? Okay, I’m going to be a bit blunt here. I think it is making it easier and easier for those without it to thrive. We all have our own tolerance for our authenticity. Try a little experiment, call 5 people you know and ask them how they are. Take a quick note of their response, and then… when Continue reading

What it really means to hold space for yourself

Why taking care of yourself matters A recent lesson as a mom reminded me of how important it is to hold space for yourself. As a mom there is nothing worse that your child being sick or hurt. Recently we went through a very difficult experience with our son. The look of fear in his eyes was heart wrenching taking every ounce of my being to hold it together. I felt powerless as I sat with doctors surrounding him knowing I could not stop it all from happening. Through out that night and the days that followed I realized that Continue reading

What it really means to hold space for someone

Holding space when others need you most My first opportunity to learn how to hold space for someone was when my gramma got really sick. I remember it so clearly it was 1996 and I was pregnant with my daughter. The details seemed to be in pieces and then all at once. It soon became clear it wasn’t likely that she would make it to her birth, I was emotional and barely holding it together. This wasn’t the first time for me at the end of someone’s life but this time was definitely different. In the beginning we had her Continue reading

7 Fatal Mistakes people make when choosing a Coach

Coaching is a future-focused session with the aim of helping you determine and achieve your goals. By examining what is going on in your life right now we can discover what your obstacles or challenges are and co-design a course of action to make your goals, ambitions and dreams a reality. How you pick your coach is just as important is how you pick your hair dresser, doctor or dentist. You future is worth the best so here are some common mistakes I see people making when picking their coach. And so let’s take a look at the 7 Fatal Continue reading

Discarding my old belief for one that serves me

Have you ever been in one of those moments where you just make a decision to do something even if you aren’t really sure how it will all work out and then after it’s all said and done you kinda giggle at the past doubtful fearful you? This is EXACTLY what I am feeling right now. For a long time I have wanted to attend a Tony Robbins event, as I coach I find myself fascinated by his approach. I’ve watched many videos, listened to many podcasts and watched his movie. So when I saw he was coming to Calgary Continue reading

Finding freedom in the pursuit of happiness

The journey to happiness It’s easy on our journey to find happiness to be inundated with messages telling us to just “be positive”? Like it’s a light switch you can just turn on and that’s all that is needed. What is really happening is a play on our desires as in marketing connecting to our desires means we will be listening to whatever sales pitch comes next. We are all striving for happiness. In every choice we make, every dream we have ultimately we are looking for it. Our search for happiness comes in many forms. We strive to feel Continue reading

A Celebration of International Day of Yoga

When I began to think about my celebration of the International Day of Yoga my first thought was to connect to what yoga means to me. If you’ve heard my story you know that I’ve been practicing for more than 30 years. At first yoga was exercise for me, I often found myself feeling limited in my ability and even envious of others in the class. As I continued my practice I began to notice something changing, I was slowing down and there was less focus on what I couldn’t do and more focus on what I could do. Showly Continue reading

3 Proven Ways to Make Your Dreams Come True

Have you ever wondered why some people are so good at making their dreams come true? Or even been frustrated at how easy they make it look? This used to be me, I would look at others with a sense of curiosity and a little bit of envy. They just seemed to have gotten a memo I had missed. And then one day it all changed! For me this began when I got sick, well to be honest it was shortly after my initial pity party. Now, many years later I can look back and recognize the differences between how I Continue reading

Are you a slave to your calendar?

I have a question… Are you a slave to your calendar? Does it make you feel like an underperforming employee just waiting for your next bad review? Changing my perspective A few weeks ago on a call with a mentors talking about electronic calendars when a couple of key things became very clear. It is to hit the complete button and begin focusing on the next task No matter how many times you click complete on a task the calendar will remind you of more How completed tasks seem to vanish from thought after the button has been clicked These Continue reading

Recognizing and changing our patterns

Have you ever noticed the pattern of how easily we respond with “I’m ok” or “I’m good” without actually checking in? Maybe this is a result of our culture, how fast paced the world can be. But I wonder, could it be that we’ve forgotten to trust ourselves first? Or are we simply telling the world that we’ve got it all together despite all we are facing? Maybe we have simply gotten so used to “pushing through” things that we have neglected that we still have feelings and needs. Either way I’m recognizing how often I use these words, and Continue reading

How I’m facing my technology crutch

If you’ve ever worked with a mentor you’ve likely experienced one of those moments where you find clarity that changes your perspective in the blink of an eye. For me it was one of those moments where I faced something I was making harder than it needed to be. What has happened since is nothing short of transformational. I was in this rut of feeling like what I was doing wasn’t working. Like many of my clients I had found myself feeling like “I was so busy” or “I don’t have time”. This is such an easy place to find yourself Continue reading

Managing the Effects of Grief and Stress

For me watching a loved one face grief is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. I find myself wanting to take the pain away, ultimately knowing that I can’t is SO hard and let’s face it pretty stressful. This week it began with a phone call, you know the one that comes at a time of day that you just know something isn’t good before you even answer the phone. My body got tense, shoulders raised stomach in knots as I answered it. The call display making it clear that I would once again need to give Continue reading

Turning Self-Awareness into change vs New Year’s Resolutions

Turning self-awareness into change isn’t an easy thing to do. You can see this in so many daily life examples that turn into New Year’s Resolutions. How many of the following list of  Time Magazine’s Top 10 Commonly Broken New Year’s Resolutions have you tried? Lose Weight and Get Fit Quit Smoking Learn Something New Eat Healthier and Diet Get Out of Debt and Save Money Spend More Time with Family Travel to New Places Be Less Stressed Volunteer Drink Less The thing is we all know these things will improve our wellness. Yet we continue to set these goals each year. Continue reading

8 Tips for Holiday Mindfulness

So often when planning for the holiday season we can get stressed. Whether dealing with family dynamics, planning to navigate holiday parties or fitting in family time in busy holiday schedules. So I have put together a list of mindfulness tips to help reduce stress and bring a calming peace to your holiday season. Mindfulness allows us to be open and aware of each moment as it happens. This helps us be present, both for ourselves to enjoy each moment as it happens but also for our time with others. Mindfulness has been proven to show improved relationships, increase empathy, Continue reading

Craniosacral Therapy and why it is so powerful

Why I choose Craniosacral for all clients As part of my therapy sessions I almost always complete a treatment with Craniosacral Therapy. I see it as a way to give my client time to restore their mind, body and spirit through activating their parasympathetic system. So what does that all mean? And why is this my favorite part of treatment? Let’s begin with our nervous system The nervous system is in charge of many organ functions that keep us alive that we never have to even think about. Functions like blood pressure, blood flow, body temperature, breathing, digesting and eliminating food. Continue reading

How I’m learning to trust in my ability to trust

Recently I’ve been spending time thinking about my ability or lack of ability to trust. It is so easy to remember the people who proved untrustworthy, or why I didn’t trust in a possibility or even myself. What has been hard is to look back at how not trusting people who had worked hard to show me they could be trusted has created conflict and even ruined friendships. And how by withholding trust I have missed out on self awareness and the “what could have been” feeling. I’ve also been looking at why I put up walls and chose to Continue reading

How I’m getting out of the way of my goal

I’m not gonna tell you that I have everything that I want or that I live a mistake free life. As always when I’ve reached a goal I tend to pile on more. In a never ending pursuit of change, wanting more from and for myself. I’ve learned that whether it is knowing we have more to give the world, or an opportunity to grow our perspective, goals are like potato chips, you can never eat just one! What was I afraid of? I’ve spent so much of my life afraid of what people will think, what would happen if Continue reading

Which will help me Affirmations or Afformations?

For years I have used Affirmations with a varied level of success. If you haven’t tried them yet, affirmations are a positive statements that you repeat to yourself while looking in the mirror. They serve as a reminder and an opportunity to set an intention about the kind of person you want to be. Affirmations became very popular when the book and following marketing campaign came out called “The Secret” and is still widely used. How to write and use Affirmations The simplest way to start writing affirmations is to write a series of positive “I am” statements that describe Continue reading

Nine Morning Habits to Start your day in Wellness

How you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. I used to be that person who in the morning hit the snooze button at least 3 or 4 times. Finally I would drag myself out of bed at the last minute, read my social media as I rushed to get ready, and then running out the door missing breakfast with no plans for lunch. Now I know I was setting myself up for a bad day by not giving myself time to start my day with intention. The list below was built after reading many Continue reading

When you don’t reach your goal does it change your self-image?

So often we merge together our personal development and our goals, it happens so easily. It starts with saying I’ll be happy if only I got the promotion. I’d feel pretty if only I lost 10 pounds. I’ll know I am smart if I get an A. Then we set out our plan by listing all the things we are going to do to reach our goal. Believing that we would already have the goal if only there was something different about us, we apply self development as part of this plan. By doing this we are telling our mind Continue reading

Why I love my journal

I never used to use a journal at all and now I carry it everywhere I go. Over the past 2 years I have gone through significant changes in my health and wellness. It has been a long journey and sometimes it felt unmanageable and like I would never reach my destination. So what does that have to do with my journal? The biggest changes in my life from the outside would appear to be what I eat, the exercise I do and how I spend my time. The truth is that is about 20% of the story. The real Continue reading

Saving your New Years resolution from failure

What is it about the New Year that makes us all think about change and ultimately a New Year’s resolution? Sometimes I wonder if it is just the name “New” Year. Or is it being around our family and thinking about what we want to be different the next time they see us? After getting some much needed rest from work do we think about all we would have done differently? What ever it is, we are often inspired to change something about ourselves. We set these BIG goals for a result, we buy new gym or weigh loss memberships, Continue reading

Options for days that you need a boost

I’ll be honest, I get down sometimes and need a boost. It happens to all of us, you’re just having a bad day… or even a bad week. Sometimes you know why and sometimes it just feels like things aren’t connecting. What really matters is how we react, how we allow it to sink in and get it’s grips on us or not. I find it is easiest to handle when I first feel it coming on, after that the negative ring of thoughts kick in. Once this happens it’s like we are sitting across the room watching our mind Continue reading

How to set boundaries that are true to your values

There will always be people around you that act in a way that is inconsistent with your values It may be that they say something, do something around you. It could be they do something directly towards you, this is where things can get really challenging. It’s good to have a plan so that you can minimize the impact of the power you give this. It will help with your personal wellness and ability to maintain your peace. When it happens around you When someone speaks to something that doesn’t align with your values you really have 3 choices. Share Continue reading

Finding your courage in a sea of fears

When I think about Remembrance day I am always amazed at the stories of unbelievable courage. I’m not sure I can even truly imagine the strength it takes. To sign up to defend your country knowing you could give your life to do it. These are my grandparents. The first picture is the wedding of my grandparents who met and married in London during the war. Like so many others, my grandmother left her family in Ireland and traveled to London to find work. She was a young women just starting out her adult years. Even today, this seems like such Continue reading

A truly authentic life is the key to happiness

These 4 steps have been my guide to bringing authenticity to my life. I share them with hope that they will do the same for you. Ground yourself in your values To truly align to whats important to you understanding your values. Because they can change with life experience it is important to check in with yourself. Often, we hold tight to the same values we grew up with, when we need to reevaluate what feels right to us now and align our actions around those things. Get clear on what you care about and authenticity will take hold. “Who we Continue reading

Facing your fears and ghosts

When we allow our fears to be our guides we are setting up our own limits I feel that on the day of scary and spooky costumes it is time to talk about how fears can really define us, how we interact, and especially what changes we take. Through my journey to wellness I have had a significant amount of fears surface, ones I never expected and some were likes ghosts I had seen before. Have you heard the phrase “False Evidence Appearing Real”? It is so true that when you truly look at your fear, most of what you Continue reading

When my confidence wavers

Have you ever had one of the days, or cluster of days, when your confidence is just gone? There are so many things that we face every day that can shake us up and rattle our core. It could be you didn’t get the result you wanted. Someone says something in a group or to you off the cuff that you felt in your soul. It could be how you feel in a group or in your clothes. What’s important is how you get it back! Here are 8 steps I use to rebuild my confidence 1. Check in with the Continue reading

Thanksgiving Includes Giving Yourself Space

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, I have found myself very focused on space. How we are consistently giving and take it from ourselves and from others. When was the last time you gave yourself space? The type of space that provides you the freedom to dream, reflect and be mindful? Our lives have become so busy, so measured by success in our careers. It’s like we have forgotten how to be peaceful, caring and compassionate with ourselves. I find it helpful to think of living a life of wellness and gratitude like a homemade recipe. You start with taking Continue reading

Following a dream can be a bumpy road

On the pursuit of a dream there will always be twists and turns on the road, they are there to test us and challenge our determination. To stay focused you must have determination and a plan. Planning for your dream to come true 1. Envision your dream This can be the most difficult part because we tend to over complicate things. So why not start with the easy stuff. Start by collecting ideas that make you feel enthusiastic and excited. Keep your dream journal handy so you can add to it as thoughts come up. Close your eyes and envision how Continue reading

Journey to my life of health and wellness

When you begin to tell your story, does everyone wonder… how does my journey to health and wellness start? Is the meaning deeply entrenched in your childhood, or is it really about the journey? What I have recently come to understand is that it is all about the journey. Of course my childhood has framed who I am today. And yet true happiness and wellness is actually found in really living in the journey. Taking each moment in, not getting caught up in our to do lists, or the corner office. So if I was to be true and tell you where Continue reading

Why I’m glad I got sick

As I went through my own journey to wellness I had hundreds of conversations with people who like me have gotten sick or faced something traumatic that changed their lives forever. I listened as they intimately shared their suffering and their victories.  Today, I thought I would share about the question people often asked me during this time, the impact this question had, and the answers.  Question: You look different, what did you do? I have to admit that this one is really hard. My worst fears were realized when people asked this, and especially as they treated me differently Continue reading