Life of Wellness Institute - Community Engagement

We believe in Making a Difference in our Community

At Life of Wellness, we believe living in a great community takes the collaboration and commitment of all its citizens. Thus being an active member of our community and giving back is extremely important to us. Our focus is being a proactive and positive force in our community. The following are some of the key organizations we support.

Abrio Health (Formerly The Airdrie and Area Health Cooperative)

Abrio Health broadly addresses social determinants of health—economic stability, education access and quality, health care access and quality, neighborhood and built environment, and social and community context. 

To improve the health – a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity – of its members and the community it serves. To improve the quality and delivery of health and health care services to its members and the community through the Health Co-op and other entities organized for that purpose, including entities in which the Health Co-op holds an interest. Our CEO Melanie Taylor is a member of the board of directors and gives her time to improve access to quality preventative and proactive Health Care in our community.

The City of Airdrie

We believe in supporting the organizations that serve our community, to do this we have partnered with the Social Planning and Community Development departments at the City of Airdrie. We donate our time to provide culture building, stress reduction, and burnout prevention workshops and education programs to non-profit organizations, their employees and volunteers in our community. Through this collaboration, we have connected directly to support organizations such as Community Links and the Airdrie and District Victim Services.

Community Links

Community Links strengthens individuals, families, and communities of North Rocky View by providing them with and connecting them to services, supports, and resources. To reach this mission it takes a strong team of people focused and dedicated to success. To honor this commitment we provide karma yoga classes for the staff and volunteers weekly.


When we work with our clients on their wellness plan, we always like to have a focus on fun! For our own fun, we join the City of Airdrie and the airdrieFEST committee as the event planner for this free local community event. Our involvement allows us to connect in a new way with the people in our community to showcase all that our community has to offer.

Calgary Catholic School District, Rocky View School District, and Airdrie Boys and Girls Club

We believe that to affect real social change you can make a significant impact by giving to our youth. It is with this belief that we partner with our local school districts to provide wellness, stress reduction and empowering workshops to health and leadership classes in our community.