Let's create some magic together!

By booking the exploration call, your journey has already begun. Whether you are newly stepping into a life of yoga, looking to deepening your personal practice, or wanting to discover what it would be like to learn to share this gift as a Yoga Teacher; this call is for you.

Together we will explore your questions, your goals, and discover if our training is a fit for you. 

We want you to know that our conversations are confidential, we use the information below to understand you and how we can support you in your training journey.

Our application process has four steps:

1. Book and complete an Exploration Call (Click the button above)

2. Complete the application form

3. On your application, choose your tuition style:

  • I can pay with a payment plan: We offer self-created payment plans with zero fees and zero interest. At the end of your application form, you will be sent a form to tell us when and what you want your payments to be within the timeline of your training program. 
  • I can attend with a scholarship and payment plan: Yoga is a gift, one that was shared with me initially through a scholarship. For me, it must be accessible to everyone. This is why we offer scholarships. 
  • I can support another: You can choose to donate to our scholarship fund

4. Show up to the classroom/virtual classroom just as you are!

Throughout these stages, our conversations and your applications are confidential. We use this information to understand who you are and how to support you in your training journey.