Knowing when it is time to let go

Knowing how and when to let go is one of the hardest things to do. Our emotions act as a cloud above us. Making it harder to see clearly. This can leave us confused and feeling that it is too hard. “The truth is unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.” – Steve Maraboli So how do you know there is something to let go of? Signs that there is something to let go There is a conflict with your personal values Continue reading

Awaken your inner strength today

If you follow me on social media you may have noticed me say “Awaken Your Inner Strength”. This is something that has great meaning for me, and today I wanted to share this with you. Deep within all of us is a sacred space. A place where our true self lives. The place where our strength and love comes from. And in struggle and throughout our lives, it is a place we forget is there. Think back to being a kid. Do you remember playing without fear? Believing you can do anything? Or how you saw a tree as climbable? Continue reading

When your daily road of emotions seems all uphill

These past few months have been filled with difficult situations, overwhelming emotions, and BIG decisions. The kind of situations that you can not prepare for. What I have seen in these moments is how easy it is to disengage. For emotions of overwhelm, frustration and anger to take over. And nothing in these moments make me want to make lemonade! It is moments like these when I remember why I practice yoga. A while back I wrote a post that I do yoga so I can bend and not break. This is no less true today. And sometimes I just want Continue reading

You already have everything you need for happiness

We all have dreams, wants, desires, and most of all happiness. They are simply a part of who we are as human beings. It comes from our ability to dream. And what is predictable in our behavior is that our dreams give us access to thinking we aren’t enough now. Our dreams take our focus off what we already have. To notice what we have already accomplished. Yesterday is already a blur! What you dreamt about and likely have some version of now is disconnected from our minds. We have completed that desire, and it loses all its glitter. Our mind Continue reading

Making the difficult doable

This past week I found myself feeling the stress of a difficult conversation I had been avoiding. Sign after sign shining as a reminder of what I needed to face. I was looking over and over for ways to avoid it altogether. Yet the effects of avoidance were becoming more in focus with every moment. I lived between confidence that I needed to take action to fear of what the result would be. What is it that makes it hard to speak the truth? Why do we find ourselves grappling over our needs and boundaries? And most importantly how do Continue reading

Live with Unguarded Authenticity

On Internation Women’s Day, I attended the Ladies Talk Out Loud conference with many others from our community. The event was created by the incredible Karen and Ladies Out Loud. They are an authentic social group for women to learn, laugh, and live out loud.  Click the link to see Ladies Out Loud’s upcoming events! Each speaker had me intently listening as they shared their personal stories. Their courage and passion of each speaker sharing their perspective, not from opinion but from as lived experience was powerful. I definitely wouldn’t say I have a favorite from the day, but I will Continue reading

To do it all, or not to

These past weeks or so has been difficult for me. So many things have happened and it has left me in need of a change. Let’s start at the beginning… I’ve always prided myself in being able to get things done. To be where I need to be, do what I need to do. And until recently I’ve never really questioned it. I mean isn’t the goal to make a difference? To use our time wisely and be productive? To get things done? Well, if you asked me this even 6 months ago my answer would have been yes. But now, Continue reading

50 things to do when you feel overwhelmed

50 things you can do when you feel overwhelmed No matter how long I’ve been practicing meditation and yoga I still have bad days and get overwhelmed. In fact, I had one yesterday, we woke up really early to the smell of the motor burned out in our furnace and a cold house. As is often true these things don’t happen when it’s convenient. Not that there is a time that is convenient, but on a holiday Monday was not my favorite timing. The smell had us very concerned that a fire could start and the error messages indicated the Continue reading

Taking off the masks we wear

I want to share with you a week that was incredibly eye-opening for me. It’s allowed me to see a mask I’ve always worn and the impact it has had on my life. As part of a class, we were asked to interview people in different communities in our lives. The point was to understand who we are being with people from their perspectives. We were meant to see how people saw us. Ultimately, the result was to give us access to our self-expression. Before I share the result with you, I want to share with you how I felt Continue reading

Do you have negative thoughts? Remember “RAIN”

How many times a day do negative thoughts seem to rain in your mind? Feelings that you aren’t good enough? Comparing yourself to someone else? For me, this happens all the time. After that, the only difference today is I no longer believe these thoughts! The simple secret to change In a stressful situation or a challenging emotion, our mind begins to send warning signals to us in an effort to protect us. It seems really unfair however when you understand why our brain works this way it begins to make more sense. You see, our brain is designed to Continue reading

I do yoga so I can bend and not break

I often ask my students why they love yoga and why they want to dive deeper into their yoga practice. I always love hearing each answer as it gives me an insight into their experience and how I can support them. Today I want to tell you about the answer that affected me the most. Her answer was “I do yoga so I can bend and not break. The first part about this answer that affected me, is it reminded me how often I hear people say they don’t do yoga because they “aren’t flexible enough” or “aren’t bendy enough”. Continue reading

Creating a lasting Mantra

Have you noticed that what we planned on New Year’s Eve is already fading away?  In fact, I am sure you have seen all sort of advertisements, social media trying to help you “not lose track”, “stay on track”. How a membership or product will help you be successful. And yet, we have every possible tool available to help us stay on track. Calendars, reminders, support groups, books and yet we have a world full of people feeling judgment for themselves, feeling failure. Have you noticed the new trend of instead of having an intention or resolution for a new Continue reading

Finding some silence between all the noise

I am finding more and more in my own life and in the lives of my clients a sense of deep exhaustion. I’ve been spending a lot of time on this reflection lately wondering what is the consistent link. What I always find funny about this is that it isn’t new knowledge, it isn’t something I haven’t reflected on before. And I found simply an acknowledgment that there is so much that is easy to get distracted from. Literally. Have you ever noticed how little silence we have in our lives? It seems like we are inundated with sound, and Continue reading

Beating holiday stress

As the holiday season begins it can bring with it additional stress. Our desire to make everything perfect, to do it all, to be it all. The pressures of fitting so many extra events into our schedules, the gift shopping, the baking and decorating. All of this building up to the actual holiday can leave us feeling exhausted before the holiday actually begins. All this stress takes the joy out of our holidays and even increase our risk of illness. It is possible to leave all that stress behind and have a happy holiday with your friends and family. Here are Continue reading

Is Intuition the highest form of intelligence?

In the world today we have more access to information than any other time.  Day after day we are bombarded with marketing, memes, and entertainment telling us how to live a happier life. And yet we seeing the highest rates of unhappiness and stress recorded in modern history.  There are more people today facing stress-related illnesses than ever before. In general, we are suffering more and more and yet still searching for the “answers”. What if having all this information isn’t the answer? Have you noticed that the more information we have available is increasing at about the same rate Continue reading

“Burn the ships” a lesson about not giving up on yourself

Have you ever heard the expression “burn the boats”? It comes from 1519 during the Spanish conquest of Mexico, when Hernán Cortés the Spanish commander, scuttled his ships so that his men would have to conquer or die. Basically, he created a point of no return for himself and his men. What is the lesson here? Giving up is easy when you have the option Let that sink in for a moment. Can you see how often we give up? How easy it is to have one moment derail us completely? How we always leave ourselves a safety net? What Continue reading

Cultivating and Honoring your Inner Strength

Tips to awaken, recognize, nourish, cultivate and honor Your Inner Strength that will leave you feeling grounded, supported and able to accomplish anything. Have you ever noticed that no matter what you just learned the moment you are complete there is a sense of what’s next? A consistent push to be better, know more, to change and only then can you be the person you want to be. And then the moment we complete that method we are on to the next book, the next class, the next retreat. Transparently I had been in this hampster cage for a long Continue reading

We can be heroes just for one day

One of my favorite songs is by the great David Bowie, “We can be heroes just for one day”. The words just speak to me! Okay, let’s be honest this could be because I’m a child of the 70s. Definitely could be that I found my way in life through the music of the 70s and 80s. Either way, music has a profound impact on us and how we remember parts of our lives. Even today this song is part of my favorite playlists, often one of the songs where I can still find myself singing into my hairbrush ready Continue reading

Please don’t have a nice day

I first heard these words lying in bed in a hostel in Vancouver during a quiet Monday evening. A day out of my normal routine in our home in Alberta, it began with an authentic moment with a stranger who became a friend in the few days that we had together as roommates. An experience without the typical awkwardness found between strangers. We seemed to immediately connect as women, as mothers, and as human beings. Following our goodbyes that morning, I proceeded to a day on my own. From sitting in a coffee shop to burying my toes in the sand Continue reading

What I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for the family we love, the friends we cherish, what we have and for the blessings that will come. As I reflected this week I found myself overwhelmed with so many reasons to be grateful. In celebration, I wanted to share what’s most important to me. My family This year has been one of celebration and change in our lives. From our youngest graduating high school and getting into his first school choice. Our daughter completing her first degree and beginning to work on her second. And as if that isn’t enough this week Continue reading