Throw your hat over the wall and live the life you’ve always wanted

If we are being honest, we already have a good life. And there is nothing wrong with being comfortable living the life we have created. And sometimes we feel called to do something BIG. There are thousands of reasons not to do it. I mean what if you failed? It’s scary, challenging, and will take your focus whether in your business or your life. And immediately, there is that moment of doubt. Followed by all the reasons we shouldn’t do it. Maybe now isn’t the time, it probably won’t work anyway, and so many more. In my experience, we often end Continue reading

Creating a lasting Mantra

Have you noticed that what we planned on New Year’s Eve is already fading away?  In fact, I am sure you have seen all sort of advertisements, social media trying to help you “not lose track”, “stay on track”. How a membership or product will help you be successful. And yet, we have every possible tool available to help us stay on track. Calendars, reminders, support groups, books and yet we have a world full of people feeling judgment for themselves, feeling failure. Have you noticed the new trend of instead of having an intention or resolution for a new Continue reading

Cultivating and Honoring your Inner Strength

Tips to awaken, recognize, nourish, cultivate and honor Your Inner Strength that will leave you feeling grounded, supported and able to accomplish anything. Have you ever noticed that no matter what you just learned the moment you are complete there is a sense of what’s next? A consistent push to be better, know more, to change and only then can you be the person you want to be. And then the moment we complete that method we are on to the next book, the next class, the next retreat. Transparently I had been in this hampster cage for a long Continue reading

We can be heroes just for one day

One of my favorite songs is by the great David Bowie, “We can be heroes just for one day”. The words just speak to me! Okay, let’s be honest this could be because I’m a child of the 70s. Definitely could be that I found my way in life through the music of the 70s and 80s. Either way, music has a profound impact on us and how we remember parts of our lives. Even today this song is part of my favorite playlists, often one of the songs where I can still find myself singing into my hairbrush ready Continue reading

Please don’t have a nice day

I first heard these words lying in bed in a hostel in Vancouver during a quiet Monday evening. A day out of my normal routine in our home in Alberta, it began with an authentic moment with a stranger who became a friend in the few days that we had together as roommates. An experience without the typical awkwardness found between strangers. We seemed to immediately connect as women, as mothers, and as human beings. Following our goodbyes that morning, I proceeded to a day on my own. From sitting in a coffee shop to burying my toes in the sand Continue reading

How I’m learning to trust in my ability to trust

Recently I’ve been spending time thinking about my ability or lack of ability to trust. It is so easy to remember the people who proved untrustworthy, or why I didn’t trust in a possibility or even myself. What has been hard is to look back at how not trusting people who had worked hard to show me they could be trusted has created conflict and even ruined friendships. And how by withholding trust I have missed out on self awareness and the “what could have been” feeling. I’ve also been looking at why I put up walls and chose to Continue reading

How I’m getting out of the way of my goal

I’m not gonna tell you that I have everything that I want or that I live a mistake free life. As always when I’ve reached a goal I tend to pile on more. In a never ending pursuit of change, wanting more from and for myself. I’ve learned that whether it is knowing we have more to give the world, or an opportunity to grow our perspective, goals are like potato chips, you can never eat just one! What was I afraid of? I’ve spent so much of my life afraid of what people will think, what would happen if Continue reading

When you don’t reach your goal does it change your self-image?

So often we merge together our personal development and our goals, it happens so easily. It starts with saying I’ll be happy if only I got the promotion. I’d feel pretty if only I lost 10 pounds. I’ll know I am smart if I get an A. Then we set out our plan by listing all the things we are going to do to reach our goal. Believing that we would already have the goal if only there was something different about us, we apply self development as part of this plan. By doing this we are telling our mind Continue reading