When you share your story, do you think about yourself as the author and editor?

When you share your story, it is essential to remember that it’s up to you what you share, who you share it with and how you share it. You decide the plot twists, choose the characters and their role in the story. You even decide on the ending.

Have you ever noticed yourself telling a story and how it morphs each time we tell it? I believe there are two reasons for this; the first is that we alter the story to leave out the parts we feel inadequate or insecure about. The second is we remember it differently as we add life experience or when our values change.

Have you ever noticed why we tell stories? To share experience, for a laugh, for attention? Being our own editor is even more critical. When we truly look inside and think about why we are telling a story and why we are sharing it with that particular person, we will free ourselves.

When you share your story, do you think about yourself as the author and editor?

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a great tool for identifying the motive behind our actions. Are we feeling a need to feel connection, significance or love? These are very common reasons for the stories we tell.

So the next time you are about to tell a story, ask yourself, what is my motive? What need is telling this story connected to? Am I telling it to the right person? Will it have a positive impact on their day, life and wellness?

What we say, what we share, and how we share have greater impacts on others than we recognize. Our words can impact someone’s day in both positive and negative ways. This is true in person, on social media, and especially to ourselves.

What will your impact be?


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