Stress and Trauma-Informed Care – CE Series

Live Online Series

Stress and trauma-informed care is a strengths-based framework grounded in the understanding and consideration of the pervasive nature and impact of stress and trauma. This workshop provides participants with tools, knowledge, and expertise to assist clients with care that emphasizes the physical, psychological, and emotional safety of practitioners and survivors. Above all, the program supports Continue reading

CAN $399.00

Yoga for Elemental Meridians – CE Series

Live Online Weekly Series

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system invites you to look at the energetic or subtle body made up of meridians. These meridians act as pathways where Qi, Prana, and blood flow. The meridians function as a network, much like a complex system of waterways, that can be mapped out throughout the entire body. First, there Continue reading

CAN $399