How I’m learning to trust in my ability to trust

Recently I’ve been spending time thinking about my ability or lack of ability to trust. It is so easy to remember the people who proved untrustworthy, or why I didn’t trust in a possibility or even myself. What has been hard is to look back at how not trusting people who had worked hard to Continue Reading

How I’m getting out of the way of my goal

I’m not gonna tell you that I have everything that I want or that I live a mistake free life. As always when I’ve reached a goal I tend to pile on more. In a never ending pursuit of change, wanting more from and for myself. I’ve learned that whether it is knowing we have Continue Reading

Hitting rock bottom was the best gift of all

We’ve all had that moment when we realize we didn’t know what we thought we knew, when hitting rock bottom becomes reality. This couldn’t be more true than what happened for me. I had been on every diet and tried every fad. I had beaten myself up, lifted myself up and fallen back down. When Continue Reading