Creating a lasting Mantra

Have you noticed that what we planned on New Year’s Eve is already fading away?  In fact, I am sure you have seen all sort of advertisements, social media trying to help you “not lose track”, “stay on track”. How a membership or product will help you be successful. And yet, we have every possible tool available to help us stay on track. Calendars, reminders, support groups, books and yet we have a world full of people feeling judgment for themselves, feeling failure. Have you noticed the new trend of instead of having an intention or resolution for a new Continue reading

Recognizing and changing our patterns

Have you ever noticed the pattern of how easily we respond with “I’m ok” or “I’m good” without actually checking in? Maybe this is a result of our culture, how fast paced the world can be. But I wonder, could it be that we’ve forgotten to trust ourselves first? Or are we simply telling the world that we’ve got it all together despite all we are facing? Maybe we have simply gotten so used to “pushing through” things that we have neglected that we still have feelings and needs. Either way I’m recognizing how often I use these words, and Continue reading