200 Hour Vini Yoga Teacher Training

BEGIN YOUR PRACTICE OF EMBRACING EMBODIED LIVING, AND LEARN TO TEACH ASANA, PRANAYAMA, MEDITATION RESTORATIVE, VINYASA, YIN, AND YOGA NIDRA At the Life of Wellness Institute, the first step in the journey is so more than Yoga Teacher Training. It truly begins with you seeing yourself clearly. For you to have, and consistently apply the tools, resources, and support of an embodied practice. To be with everything and anything in your life with peace of mind and freedom. And to be empowered and ready to share this gift with others. We work to increase self-knowledge with loving-kindness and deepen your connection Continue reading

300 Hour Advanced Vini Yoga Teacher Training

A Transformational and Advanced Approach to the Study of Yoga DEEPEN YOUR PRACTICE OF EMBRACING EMBODIED LIVING DEVELOPING MASTERY AND MENTORSHIP SKILLS Our world needs leaders who have a foundation of peace of mind, compassion, and clarity. This is why we offer our 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training. Through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Somatic Coaching, continue the journey to master as you deepen your own practice. This program begins where the 200 Hour program ends, providing an additional advanced study. This program emphasizes the philosophical study of Yoga, asana, pranayama, and meditation to develop a more deeply embodied practice and Continue reading