DIY How to Make Your Own Yoga Props

With more yoga classes happening online, you may find yourself missing those studio props. Props are an excellent way to enhance, support, and adapt your practice. At the Life of Wellness Institute, we recommend props because they aid us in our practice. 

They allow us to be in control of and isolate the sensations we want to focus on, to bring the ground a little closer, support stability, and so much more.

If using any of these props brings up any unhelpful experiences or thoughts, please reach out to your certified life of wellness institute yoga teacher for alternatives.

Here are our favorite DIY yoga props ideas that are an easy and inexpensive solution.

Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are common prop and one of our founders favorites. Blocks are a useful tool to support our practice. Blocks can help bring the floor a little closer, and can add stability and support in all poses. If you don’t own yoga blocks or are looking for a different size, there are a few easy solutions.

If you only need a small block, using a rolled up towel or blanket is perfect. Simply roll to the desired size and place under yourself for seated poses, under your heels for chair, or under your knee to reduce sensation.

If you want something a little taller, a stack of hardcover books tied together with a belt or strong ribbon. This can easily be adjusted by adding or removing books. You can also take a peak around your environment for other stabilizing objects such as couches, chairs, and stools. Even an empty wall can be useful for poses like triangle and inversions.

Yoga Straps

Yoga straps are perfect for adding a little extra length to your arms, holding a pose, and adding structure. Whether you are working on flexibility or release, straps can allow you to get the benefits of a pose within your range of motion. Straps can be used to support elongation in a seated forward fold by placing a strap around the ball of your feet. In bow pose, straps can be used to maintain alignment of the legs or when our reach is a bit short. In legs up wall, a strap on the balls of the feet will help you focus on the release of your back line.

Looking for a way to create a strap at home? Belts, bathrobe ties, scarves and towels can be great replacements.


Bolsters are fantastic for all practices, especially restorative. Bolsters are essentially pillows for yoga. They can support relaxation and allow you to hang out in a pose. In savasana, a bolster can be used below the knees to support the low back or for a gentle heart opening it can be placed under the shoulders. They can be placed under the knees for support in butterfly. Or under the tailbone for support in easy seat and for seated forward folds.

Bolsters can be quite expensive, and purchasing multiple sizes to support your practice is not always workable. Instead you can use firm pillows, couch cushions, and rolled up blankets. Looking for a firm bolster? Roll up some blankets into a pillow case. If you found a perfect size you can even use pillow cases or a strong ribbon to hold the shape.

Have some fun

There are so many ways to recreate props in your home. Remember the goal is to support your experience in your practice. 

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