Does Learning at Your Own Pace Yoga Teacher Training set you up to FAIL?

Truly preventing harm challenges us to consider the impact of our actions, words, and behaviors. It means considering what is best for our students, future students, and our school. But also your future students and so on. The answer was much easier than I expected it to be. Without a doubt, the right thing to do was to continue offering 100% live training. To hold space for the highest quality learning experience and protect the life-changing and intimate experience of taking yoga teacher training together in a community. Continue Reading

300 Hour Viniyoga Advanced Teacher Training

Advanced 300 Hour Viniyoga Teacher Training with Ayurvedic Somatic Coaching.  Develop mastery and deepen your connection with your students. Founded in the Yoga Sutras, the Eight Limbs of Yoga, Ayurveda, Transformational Coaching Skills, Teacher Presence, and Somatic Science. We are experiencing a worldwide tsunami of mental health. Therefore we need caring professionals with a foundation of empathy, integrity, authenticity, and experience. This is why we offer our 300 Hour Viniyoga Advanced Teacher Training! It focuses on compassionately supporting people using the tools, means, and wisdom of Viniyoga, Yoga Sutras, Eight Limbs of Yoga, Ayurveda, Somatic Science, and the skills of a coach. Continue Reading

200 Hour Viniyoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Viniyoga Trauma-Informed Body-Neutral Teacher Training.  Discover the eight limbs of yoga with a foundation of Ayurveda and science through a trauma-informed, body-neutral and body-functionality lens. At the Life of Wellness Institute, the first step in designing a Yogic Lifestyle is so more than learning to teach Yoga. It begins with the goal of Yoga, which is union. Meaning the peaceful union of seeing yourself as you truly are free from the colorings of the mind. While creating the capacity to hold space for yourself to be with everything and anything in your life with peace of mind, ease, Continue Reading

I do yoga so I can bend and not break

When I meet new students, I ask why they love yoga and want to dive deeper into their yoga practice. I always love hearing each answer as it gives me an insight into their experience and how I can support them. Today I want to tell you about the answer that most affected me. She responded, “I do yoga, so I can bend and not break.” Her answer reminded me of how often I hear people say they don’t do yoga because they “aren’t flexible enough” or “not bendy enough.” Each time I hear this, my heart breaks a little. Continue Reading