Finding your courage in a sea of fears

Finding your courage in a sea of fears

When I think about Remembrance day I am always amazed at the stories of unbelievable courage. I’m not sure I can even truly imagine the strength it takes. To sign up to defend your country knowing you could give your life to do it.


These are my grandparents. The first picture is the wedding of my grandparents who met and married in London during the war. Like so many others, my grandmother left her family in Ireland and traveled to London to find work. She was a young women just starting out her adult years. Even today, this seems like such an amazing show of courage. To be on your own in another country finding a way to make a living. Being truly isolated from your family and friends.

At the same time my grandfather had left his home in Canada to proudly serve his country. Along side so many others, they traveled to far away lands, facing the unknown. They met in London, and fell in love. There are so many stories of war brides. To be open to love during all the trials of war always reminds me how love truly can and does show up. We just need to be open to it finding the good in everything.

They then moved back to Canada where my grandfather was from, raising a family and making a life together. Once again my grandmother was leaving her friends and family behind. She only had the chance to see them 2 more times because of the costs of the travel. All she had was the mail to stay connected. I can’t even imagine not seeing my family, or being able to pick up the phone.

The second is of my grandfather. He was so eager to protect our country he fibbed about his age to do it, he was only 17. What incredible determination and courage for someone so young. At 17 I was definitely not thinking about what was happening around the globe, and certainly not thinking about growing up faster. The things he would have faced and seen at such a young age.

He met my grandmother after the war. It was a tough time, he was often away at work leaving her to raise and care for their children. She faced many hardships and tough times, but she always found a way. She had such determination to figure it out, ask for help when needed. And always making sure her family had what they needed. She had such spunk, amazing courage, spirit, and gumption.

So, how do I find courage? I think about my grandparents, I take great solace in knowing I come from love, strength and determination. This provides me the inspiration I need to take the next step. To show my children and grandchildren that you can always find a way.


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