When my confidence wavers

When my confidence wavers

Have you ever had one of the days, or cluster of days, when your confidence is just gone?

There are so many things that we face every day that can shake us up and rattle our core. It could be you didn’t get the result you wanted. Someone says something in a group or to you off the cuff that you felt in your soul. It could be how you feel in a group or in your clothes. What’s important is how you get it back!

Here are 8 steps I use to rebuild my confidence

1. Check in with the people around you who build you up

There’s no greater way to rebuild confidence than unconditional love. Look to your family, friends or tribe to be reminded that you are a good person. This is a crucial first step to rebuilding how you feel about yourself.

2. Acknowledge what destroyed your confidence

No matter what caused the loss, there is no point in pretending it didn’t happen. So take the time to acknowledge it and take your power back. Facing it head-on can be the most powerful way to change course.

3. Remember who you are

Take time to take stock of what is great about you. This can be hard to do, we are after all our best critics. So when you feel your self going negative try to re-frame your thoughts and words into positives. This can be something that requires the support of a coach.

4. Refer back to your goals

I find that most times I lose confidence is on the journey towards a goal, it is important to document them so you can go back to how you felt when you planned them out. Check out our blog post on making choices and planning your goals for more information on how.

5. Remove yourself from the toxic environment

Many times we choose to allow people or places that are toxic to our wellness be a part of our life. What happens is our confidence and well being is put at risk. When you feel this happening, take note of it and then consider should you change it? Remember you are in control, you can change your job, change teams, remove or limit time with an emotionally abusive friend or family member. This isn’t running away, it is choosing to set boundaries.

6. Set up time to talk with a coach

Talking with a coach is a great way to talk through a situation and find your power. A coaching session is a safe place for you to work through your choices and find your power.

7. You’ve likely heard the term “Fake it till you make it”

Living in the positive is both healing and good for your wellness. So even when you feel down, keep your chin up and stay in the positive. This will prevent you from falling further in. So while you are healing your confidence, remember to use positive language with yourself. When negativity shows up, acknowledge it and what it can teach you and then let it go.

8. Give yourself time to heal

Because it can take time to rebuild your confidence, think of yourself as the holder of your healing space. You will need to protect your healing environment, you from your thoughts and protecting your body. Healing from an emotion is the same as healing from an illness. Remember to get enough sleep and rest.

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