Healing my negative self-image

Ever pondered the origins of your fears and negative self-perception? The notion that our experiences and environment weave the tapestry of our identities recently struck me, prompting deep introspection into the forces that have shaped who I am today. Amidst this introspection, I found myself asking, “What has truly molded my beliefs and contributed to my essence?”

The Profound Impact of Influential Figures

Reflecting on my journey, I am profoundly grateful for the positive influences that have shaped my self-image. My partner of 25 years exemplified the true nature of love—imperfect, yet sincere, encompassing both selflessness and self-care. Our journey together, replete with ups and downs, has underscored the beauty of love’s complexities.

Our children have been paramount in teaching me about unconditional love and the privilege of bearing witness to their growth. Embracing their mistakes without judgment and celebrating their joys have imparted lessons in acceptance and vulnerability. Our daughter’s creativity and authenticity have inspired me, while our son’s fearlessness and courage have been a testament to resilience.

The Resonance of Remarkable Women

Numerous remarkable women have contributed to the woman I’ve become. My grandmother, Gramma Cooper, instilled forgiveness, strength, and gentleness in me. My mother, Linda, kindling my passion for reading and crafting. From Aunt Ally, I learned the essence of true friendship and a deep connection with nature. Aunt Laura underscored the importance of education and seeing beyond appearances. Aunt Leila imparted lessons in diligence and dedication, while Aunt Terri illuminated the path to unconditional spousal love.

Recalling these incredible individuals fills me with warmth, love, and gratitude.

The Turning Point

However, life’s journey often entails encounters that shape us at our core. A poignant memory from my childhood left an indelible mark on me. Engaging in outdoor activities with friends and family characterized my younger days. However, an early knee injury curtailed my physical pursuits, leading to a decline in my activity level. Despite this, I felt comfortable in my own skin, until one fateful day.

While riding as a passenger in a car, the driver’s objectifying comments about a girl’s body, and the type of body that is “desireable and loveable”  shattered my self-assurance. Comparing myself to her, I began questioning my own worthiness of love. This pivotal moment fused with earlier childhood trauma, intensifying feelings of emptiness and invisibility. Thus began my journey of self-loathing.

Navigating Tumultuous Decades

The following years unfolded as a battlefield within me, torn between two conflicting aspects. One sought solace in food to alleviate inner turmoil, while the other longed for affection and validation, leading to secretive exercise regimens. ’80s slouch socks concealed ankle weights, symbolic of my internal struggle, as I ventured into daring physical undertakings.

This cycle of bingeing and exercising found refuge in the folds of my parents’ demanding schedules and the burdens of mental health challenges within our family. Although I don’t remember many medical consultations during this period, my behaviors didn’t raise alarm bells in my own perception—they seemed normal. So why would I mention them? Little did I know that these actions were fueled by a pervasive diet culture, a fixture in my mother’s and most women’s actions and words, as well as woven throughout our societal fabric. Even if I had shared my sentiments and behaviors, my situation didn’t align with the conventional mold of eating disorders. The insidious nature of Binge Eating Disorder remained undiscovered until much later. The grip of diet culture grew stronger, propelling me towards fleeting successes with trendy diets, only to be followed by swift weight regain and a surge in self-reproach.

Embracing Love and Self-Discovery

Enter my husband, whose virtual connection spanned thousands of kilometers. The precursors to the “Love is Blind” phenomenon unfolded in our chats long before Netflix’s inception. A pivotal moment arrived when he proposed meeting face-to-face, a prospect that fueled my insecurities. Nevertheless, our time together affirmed his unwavering acceptance of me.

A magazine on a plane would later mark a profound shift. Flipping through its pages, I encountered conflicting messages—one promoting self-acceptance and the other perpetuating unrealistic ideals. This moment ignited introspection: were all these external messages fundamentally flawed?

Charting a Path to Healing

Thus began my journey to healing, initially relying on the perspectives of those who loved me genuinely. The process of untangling deeply ingrained beliefs demanded unprecedented self-compassion. My internal critic, previously unrelenting, encountered counter-narratives from supportive friends and family, unveiling a truer version of myself.

Simultaneously, I embarked on self-discovery through books and resources that dismantled toxic narratives. The concepts of body positivity and self-love reshaped my mindset. Reframing thoughts and replacing self-critique with self-affirmation gradually eroded the foundations of negative self-image.

With time, I internalized the truth: my worth transcended appearance. Embracing my body’s capabilities eclipsed fixating on its perceived shortcomings. As I redirected my focus to inner strengths, confidence emerged.

Championed by Love, Reclaiming Self-Worth

My healing journey, propelled by unwavering love, has freed me from the shackles of self-doubt. Affirmations from those who truly see me have guided me toward a path of self-acceptance. Each step has been a stride away from self-imposed constraints toward embracing the splendor of my authentic self.


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      Thank you, that is why I chose to share it. I feel this is something we all face. And mostly that we can all be supported with.

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