Why we need community to thrive!

Why we need community to thrive

There has been a lot of suffering in my family and community lately. So far this year we lost our nephew, and another nephew is struggling with anger. My brother in law and step-father both had heart surgeries. Friends and businesses owners have had to close their businesses due to low sales. The list goes on and on.

When you look out in the world today, the news is filled with struggle and disagreement. For me, when this happens it is easy to get down, feel depleted and recluse into the safety of my home. I find myself needing more sleep, and not wanting to be out in the world. In a way, this is actually self-care, for a while. And then it turns into hiding, and at times checking out completely.

The worst part is that the more I hide, the worse it gets. I feel stuck and like I am dealing with everything alone. Then I get snippy with my family, judgmental with myself and others, and tired… oh so tired.

I believe in self-care, and not the stuff they sell you in commercials. The kind of self-care that is truly listening to my needs, and acting on what I find. And I’m here to share that self-care isn’t the only answer. There is something we need that is in itself the highest form of self-care!

Self Sabotage

When I’m struggling what’s the first thing I do? I cut myself off from people! It’s freaking crazy actually. I hide from the very people in my tribe that are my support!!! I cancel lunch dates, I don’t even text. I’ll lock myself in my house and do all the things that actually work against me. Netflix, social media, staying up worrying instead of sleeping. Oh and the good old… not getting out of bed!

Next, I will start in with foods that hurt my digestion, oh and it’s a full stop of exercise, yoga, and meditation. The very things that keep me sane!

Why we need community!

So, what have I learned… AGAIN? It’s that I need my community. That everything and I mean everything is solved within my community!

Thriving isn’t just about feeling rested and ready to take on the world. We also crave people to share it with, celebrate it with, and to support us when we are struggling. We need that friend who will tell you to take a damn shower. That friend who will stop the story in your head and remind you of what really matters.

We need to visit with friends, play cards, laugh and play. To feel like we can contribute and make a difference. We need to feel like we belong! And sometimes we just need to think about someone other than ourselves

Why our community needs us!

I used to believe that when I called for help or to share as I cried that it was taking up space. That it was selfish, that people are busy and they would be frustrated. Boy was I wrong! You see it is in helping others that we can see our strengths. That we can see ourselves making a difference. Where we know that we matter! See our skills and strengths.

The truth is our community needs us JUST as much as we need them!

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