The Art of Releasing Stress in the Mind and Body – 3 Week Series

Live Online Weekly Series

Why it matters? Before we talk about how we disrupt stress, let's talk about why. We hear it every day someone close to us or ourselves says “I’m stressed”. We are NOT alone! According to Statistics Canada, 23% of people over the age of 15 report that most days are “quite a bit” or “extremely”

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Thai Massage for Couples

Live Online Workshop

How’d you like to giving healing love to those most important to you, while at the same time receiving loving-kindness? Whether it is my partner making me tea in the morning, or the back-scratch I give before bed. After 23 years in my own loving relationship with my partner, one thing I know is how

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Virtual Campfire Series – Hope & Cynicism

Live Online Series

Hope and cynicism: they may seem like polar opposites, but both of these two perspectives live within each of us. At times elusive, hope can be our closest ally when we face the chaos of the unknown. And at times when positivity can feel saccharine and hollow, cynicism can feel like the only thing connecting


Virtual Campfire Series – Intimacy

Live Online Series

For many of us, the word intimacy is interchangeable with physical and romantic connection. Yet many of us long for intimacy in other ways: emotional connection with family members, trust in friendships, and compassion for oneself. This month, you’re invited to gather to discuss the idea of intimacy. How has our childhood affected our present


Stress Skills Workshop Series: Recover from the effects of stress

Live Online Weekly Series

Break free of unhelpful stress patterns and tap into the body’s innate intelligence to be effort less. No this doesn't mean doing less, it means using less effort to live with dreams fulfilled, and lives lived fully! TRANSFORM STRESS THROUGH OUR BE K.I.N.D. Embodiment Methodology (TM) Learn four key principles to support you in managing

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