Virtual Campfire Series – Failure

It’s something most of us avoid at all costs, but failure is an inevitable part of the human experience. Many of us keep our career, relationship, and personal failures hidden. Yet the most successful people among us have not only tried and failed but learned to reap failure’s benefits. Join us for an evening of

Virtual Campfire Series – Confessions

From the time we are children, many of us learn to hide aspects of our true thoughts and behaviors from others. Yet the most fulfilling encounters almost always emerge when we can be fully transparent about ourselves — without filters, shyness, or reserve. Join us this month, for an evening of warm and fascinating conversational

Virtual Campfire Series – The Body

Embodiment — the experience of having a body — is a universal experience, and yet how we think and feel about our bodies is as unique as each of us. Join us for engaging dialogue about the physical self. What does it mean to have a ‘good body’? How much of how we think about

Virtual Campfire Series – Identity

Who are you? Many of us answer this question by pointing to aspects of ourselves we believe immutable — gender, ethnicity, profession, or family role. Yet these nominal identities do not seem to capture the whole of who we are. Join us for an evening of dialogue on identity — what it is, where it

Virtual Campfire Series – Intimacy

For many of us, the word intimacy is interchangeable with the physical and romantic connection. Yet many of us long for intimacy in other ways: emotional connection with family members, trust in friendships, and compassion for ourselves. This month, you’re invited to gather to discuss the idea of intimacy. How has our childhood affected our

Virtual Campfire Series – Hope & Cynicism

Hope and cynicism: they may seem like polar opposites, but both of these two perspectives live within each of us. At times elusive, hope can be our closest ally when we face the chaos of the unknown. And at times when positivity can feel saccharine and hollow, cynicism can feel like the only thing connecting

Virtual Campfire Series – The Mind

Many of us don’t think much about the mind, but consciousness is perhaps the most quintessential part of the human experience. The mind can trick us, embolden us, and even torture us. Mental illness is surprisingly common, yet it’s taboo to talk about. In December, you’re invited for a thoughtful conversation about the mind and

Virtual Campfire Series – Grief and Loss

Loss is perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of the human experience, yet it is an inevitable consequence of being alive. One of the great paradoxes of grief is that it is inextricably linked to our capacity for love. The truth is, someday, we will all lose everything that we hold dear. This month

Virtual Campfire Series – Addiction

We all have, to some extent, internalized a cliche image of addiction: a person shooting up heroin in a park, a man buying a bottle of vodka at nine in the morning, or a girl who sneaks off at every opportunity to light up another cigarette. But in fact, addiction is far more common than

Virtual Campfire Series – Growing Older

Aging: it’s the one experience that doesn’t discriminate. No matter how smart, wealthy, or powerful you are, every person on earth is on a journey toward mortality. Some of us hardly think about this process at all; for others, it looms in our consciousness every day. This month we invite you to reflect on what

Virtual Campfire Series – How We Eat

At the most basic level, food gives us the energy we need to live. But we eat for more than just physiological nourishment: we eat to come together, to mark occasions like weddings and funerals, to discover cultures, to feel better when we’re in pain. This month you’re invited to gather for a discussion on

Virtual Campfire Series – Creativity

We are all born with a desire to create – and yet somehow, as adults, many of us grow disconnected from our innate creative powers. Often the pressure to perform, be productive, and get it right holds us back from fully immersing ourselves in the creative process. And some of us simply don’t make time

I am not resilient: A story of discovery and recovery

How it started I am a human being. And until recently I didn’t really know what that meant. This is my story of discovery and recovery. There is a traumatizing moment in my childhood where the playful curiosity immediately faded and I began carrying the backpack of PTSD. From this day forward I layered on Continue Reading

Why we need community to thrive!

There has been a lot of suffering in my family and community lately. So far this year we lost our nephew, and another nephew is struggling with anger. My brother in law and step-father both had heart surgeries. Friends and businesses owners have had to close their businesses due to low sales. The list goes Continue Reading